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Chest Training

Hey everyone first time on this. I have been lifting for about 10 months now and I am having some trouble building up my chest(bigger and defined). Currently I train chest once a week for about 10 or 12 sets. I train at home and don’t have any machines just the basics(bench, barbell,dumbells, weights). Any training suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Not trying to flame, but read the magazine. There are many great articles on this site that will help you in your quest for bigger manboobs, er pecs.

Check the FAQ. Or do a T-Mag Search.

Welcome to the forumn,

Take New… advice and check out the Frequently asked ? section then come back with some more specifics ?'s and we will be glad to assist you. It is just thier are so many effective ways to accheive your goals it is hard to know where to start.

Your better off taking the time to read and help us help you.

Come on back, hope this helps

There are lots of variations of the famous push-up that you can utilize. The only equipment that you really need is a DB, BB, and bench. You can build an awesome body with the said equipment. Also CT wrote a couple of articles that should suit your needs.

Welcome to the Forum ! I would suggest you ABBH, previous issues No 244, a whole body program, one day on, one day off (24 workouts). You work chest and back every 96 hours. You may find many forums concerning ABBH, for example “abbh vertical”, concerning exercises to perform in day 5. You can perform ABBH with only a barbell and dbs.
Hope that helps !