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Chest Training Program


hi this is the first time i'm posting.i live in Turkey and people here realy don't have any knowladge about training so my only support was T-Nation which i've been addicted to.

Anyway i've been working about two and a half years i almost now evereything about nutrition, supplements etc.i'm really satisfied about gains i made except that i have a laggin chest compared to my body.i read most of the articles in T-Nation.

During the year my mass gain training programme used to look like this

Bench Press 5x
Incline Dumbell Press 4x
Inclie Dumbell Flyes 4x
Pullowers 3x 10
Dip 3x max.

Incline Barbell Press 5x
Decline Barbell Press 4x
Dumbell Bench Press 4x
Flat Dumbell Flyees 4x
Cable Cross 3x 8

i did all the ice massaging and streching stuff so do you think i was overtrining and can you guys please share a chest training programme which worked well for your laggin chest if you had Any help would be appreciated Thank You!


Sounds like when you do your Saturday workout you'll be overtraining once you do your monday workout.

You should probably use saturdays workout on friday, or just alternate your workout so that you just work chest once a week.


When my chest was lagging, I used 4 sets of 6 reps with 80% of my one rep max, did this on monday and thursday, increased my bench by 50 pounds. Also did a 4 sets of 6 with incline after flat bench, and dips.


how many weeks did you do this for??


I did this for 4 months.


Was that your entire program?

Saturday: Chest
Monday: Chest


And how can you say that you know almost everything about supplements and nutrition? Do you have a P.h.D?