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Chest Training Help


Just wanted any tips from you guys,
My problem is such that when I train my chest, my shoulders take the brunt of the work and give up before my chest even feels some sort of burn. I bench a decent weight so my chest isnt weak but its my shoulders that tire.

I have good mind-muscle connection with my chest and also my form is good with scapulae pushed together, so how can I solely target the chest with minimal delt involvement?



I benched for years with little to no development in my chest. No matter what width grip I used, dumbells barbells, incline decline it made very little difference. For me pressing has allways been about 70%triceps 20% front delts 10% chest. It wasnt untill I dropped benching all together and started doing flyes - with good form (not the press/flye hybrid crap you see most people do in gyms) did my chest start developing.


Ill give that a go for sure, thanks.


I'm currently trying to add to my own pecs, and the best approach I've found, is to start with a cable/fly movement (pre exhaust a bit), and then do low decline DB's. Declines, while abused by most new trainers because they can 'lift' more weight, are great to take your front delts out of the movement. I did them years ago whenever my shoulders would act up (old high school injury), but have now been using them in a much more thought out manner. I don't, however, like to use the normal decline bench in the gym, instead preferring to pile 3 plates under the end of one of the flat benches, then I angle my rib cage a bit to simulate more of a 'dipping' angle, and even keep my hands in a neutral position (again, better fiber recruitment, and will also feel much more natural once you adjust to it!).



Same happened to me when I started my training; 8 months and all my body was bulky except for my chest, then I started to use flyes, boy do they work! Also I started to use dumbbells instead of the barbell.


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Reverse grip wide grip dips.



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Like many have said, flys, especially as part of pre or post exhaust.. unproportional genetics are not the end of the world... hit it hard and eat your protein

I'd throw in a bit of a stretch with lighter weight at the end on an incline fly.. I like to do these at the end of the workout after getting a good pump to stretch the fascia.. i.e. before I finish I'll do 2 sets of pushups to failure followed by 5 reps with a 5 second hold at the stretched(bottom) position..


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Reverse grip wide grip deadlift isolation dips in the scapular plane


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Correct me if I'm wrong but some bodybuilders do some shoulder sets before chest to fatique their shoulders, so you can feel the chest more.


I never understood the concept of pre-fatigue applied to your chest before a bench exercise if you're an arm/delt dependent presser. Wouldn't it be more logical to pre-fatigue your triceps and deltoids before pressing to encourage your chest to pick up the slack?


surely that would make the problem worse, as your shoulders would fail even sooner before your pecs