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Chest Tendon Pain After DB Press

About a week ago I got that sharp pain in the upper chest after a db press ( i dont do bench press anymore after i tore my labrum) i stopped the workout right after and went icing it for 3 days.
almost all the pain is gone at rest i only feel it when i clutch my hands together around the area where the tendon attaches to the humerus ( lower front shoulder , a little above the armpit) i only feel it when i squeeze my hands together really hard.
im starting a rehabilitation program . i also got a little tenderness in the front shoulder in general .
should i be scared? when i read online it said operation is one of the only options for this kind of pain is it possible? and what kind of rehabilitation should i try? eliminating workout at all, lightweights, or do everything normal but the chest workout?
thank for your help in advance.

I wish I could help but I would like to know about your labrum. I think I might have something like that. I can’t do incline.