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Chest Survey

1> A T-mans pecs can never be too big. True or false
2> Vixens love big pecs. T/F
3> Ceteris Paribus (ie all other things being equal including shape)the larger the breast on a female sex partner the harder the erection - T/F
4> Although breast implants are looking more convincing, you can always tell the fake ones by the consertina/double decker effect when you manhandle. T/F

1O False. Pecs can be too big if they totally overshadow other bodyparts. 2)True. Vixens like big chests but not if you have chicken legs and stick arms! 3) False. Bigger breasts don’t give me a harder erection. I personally prefer B-C cup. Anything past that starts to get too big. 4) True. You can always tell an implant from a real breast.

1.F 2.T 3.F (my man doesn’t have a thing for breasts, he’s a legg and butt kind of guy. Funny, since I’m genetically well endowed) 4. I have no clue - I don’t ever intend to touch one.

(1) False. There is a range of proportion that should be maintained. (2) True, to a point. See answer to (1). (3) Again, true, to a point. Men tend to be more visual in what is attractive, but there is a practical maximum. They can get in the way, I’d imagine (haven’t had personal experience here, but I do have a fairly vivid imagination). There’s the old phrase “anything more than a mouthful is wasted”, but I’d think anything more than a DD is bordering on excessive, and shape is a big factor. (4) Again, not much experience here. Usually it’s fairly obvious from the shape (coconuts on the chest). I tend to prefer a more natural look. It’s funny when I hear a woman say something like “they’re fake.” Whaddyu mean by fake? Not natural, maybe, but very real. There’s a lot more that goes into “sexy” than just breast size – things like attitude, confidence, carriage, posture, eyes, skin tone. If implants help with those things, then that definitely increases the “sexy” factor.

  1. True. But if the pecs are big, everything else has to be big too. 2. Also true. (I think) 3. False. I’m a major boob-checker, but size doesn’t matter, even a little, shape does. Also it’s better if a girl’s happy with whatever she’s got, big, average or small. 4. True. You don’t even need to manhandle, just see how much they jiggle.

Dre - just wanted to let you know that you made my day by using the phrase “ceteris paribus.” :slight_smile:

What does ceteris paribus mean?