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Chest Supported Row Machine


Does anyone have a recommendation on a chest supported row machine for our home gym?


Not much help here but the only one Ive ever used was a cybex machine in rehab, sorry cant be more help.


Hammer Strength. No offense, but my honest opinion is that unless you are mostly into powerlifting and buying power racks and a bench, trying to stock a home gym well enough to support real progressive development would cost close to 10,000 bucks or more. It is simply cheaper to join a gym...unless you live on an island far away from any of those.

Then again, if your goals are to "tone" and "sculpt", you can probably build a home gym for the price of one of those ab trainers they sell on tv after 2am.


Prof. X,
Not a newbie here. 6'6 285lbs. Highland Gamer. Have about $5000.00 in our home gym already.
We live waaaaaaay out in the country with no good gyms withing 45 min.


Nobody ever built an impressive physique without a commercial facility full of chrome-plated wonder machines.




I would be worried about that really lasting long term, especially for someone this guy's size.


Couldn't you just do bent over barbell rows?


I wouldn't be overly concerned. I'm 228lbs and have had no issues w/ any of my of Body-Solid equipment.

  • 2"x2"x3/16" steel tube construction
  • 5/8" steel pivot point
  • bronze bushings
  • lifetime warranty
  • $349 shipped
  • Best deal I've seen around


A far as machines go, Hammer Strength is absolutely the best. They feel natural... smooth... AND they work the target muscles.

my .02


You don't NEED machines; they are nice to have but a barbell, adjustable dumbbells, power rack, and a bench is all you need.


Any reason you need a chest supported row? If not, I don't think you can beat a simple plate-loaded seated cable unit (most are dual lat pulldown/seated row types).

The Body Solid's a decent enough unit, but the leverage is way off. The resistance drops off drastcially as you approach the contracted position. I have to use double the weight on the Body Solid to get the same workout I get on a simple seated cable unit. The chest pad is on the smallish size, and the compression on your chest gets mighty uncomfortable.

Yukon Fitness also has a version that puts you in more of a face down position.


That might alleviate some of the leverage issues found on the Body Solid, but I've never tried one to say for sure. I've never tried any piece of Yukon equipment, so I can't comment on how solidly (or not) they're built

If money's no object, the Hammer Iso-Row is the cream of the crop when it comes to machines.

Nebula Fitness makes a pretty cool free weight bench unit for chest supported rows.


They're stuff is top notch, but it ain't cheap.