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Chest-Supported DB Row aka Incline DB Row


What angle is good to have to hit the lats/back better. 45 or higher or steeper?

Also would it be good to start from a angle and then go down. Like say i do 45,35,25

Also does elbows out,elbows in and reverse grip hit different parts of the back better?

Thx in advance


try them and find out? i find nuetral grip rows generally hit the middle of my back and lower, underhand much more lower lats and overhand more of the middle and upper back. Elbows out would hit more of the upper back i believe just due to how you would have to now row the weight/


Play around with the angles and see where you feel it, although higher than 45 and I think you would mainly target your traps. Elbows out have been more rhomboids/upper back for me and elbows in have been more lats for me.


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Thx for the replies guys, I have recently started with this exercise and therefore the mind muscle connection is not so strong at the moment.
Something strange is when i do them i feel some kind of small pain in the back of my shoulder and some movement at the back of my shoulder, usually occurs after 5 sets or so.Is this due to a steep angle or is this natural?

When this occurs i can't do pronated grip, only some kind of supinated grip,even neutral grip becomes hard to do since the pain gets worse and worse.

The way i row is the usual row towards the hip style


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