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Chest Suggestions


OK....as noted I am just getting back to lifting...a few months now...I'm looking to get a little bigger...chest and arms...I seem to be stuck. I have noticed a difference since I started but I'm stuck I guess. I do barbell and dumbbell presses, flys..for chest and dumbbell curls, preacher curls, for bi's...what else can I do to mix it up?


You could change your rep and set scheme.


Guillotine Presses, reverse band barbell bench.


Are you eating enough to get bigger?

You can't out train a bad diet so if you're not doing so, you won't be getting bigger.


That reminds me of one time that BB and I were in a commercial gym and a tall slim man approached BB and asked how he could get pecs like him. BB gave him a few standard things to do and I suggested he eat more. He says 'yeah, that's what I've been told but..."


Up your frequency.


Thanks everyone....the diet could be an issue. I'm trying to drop the lbs too. Being in the military the weight is always an issue. BUT I bet thats it...thanks. OH what are guillotine presses?




bench over 400 unequipped, you chest will look ok

non smartass powerlifter answer...

ok, I do have very thick pecs, and what got them to grow was heavy barbell inlines, dumbell benching, and dips, in that order, varying objectives for reps/weights from week to week. this actually got me to my highest raw bench as well...


Bada boom bada bing. Right there (+ food).


I have very little pec development.

BB pressing of any kind is out- due to shoulder junk.

but I have had some modest growth from
loaded pushups
loaded dips

just saying.


I 2nd this. I also throw in some reverse band work on my 2nd chest day. I do shoulders and chest on the same day twice a week. Shoulder heavy/chest light on one day then the opposite on the 2nd day. One exercise that I really like is floor presses in the smith with the mini bands doubled up for tension.


For tips on what actual exercises are performed like, visit:


This site has for each exercise explanation a short video of a test subject performing it correctly.


while i am at it, switching up the exact routine as a few have already said might help. Me for example, recently I have changed from doing flat barbell bench press to flat dumbbell chest press. After my current program runs its useful course and I have taken a week or so off for recovery I will go at another routine with flat barbell again. Don't let your body get inured to the same thing for too long.