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Chest Specialization: Powerful Pectorals

Dr. Darden,

Making plans to shift specialization routine. Heading for my “weakest” muscle group: Chest.
Thinking about an adaptation of your “powerful pectorals” routine from the new HIT:

  1. Pec-dec
  2. Chest press machine
  3. Negative dips
  4. Pushup on floor, negative only

My question is how to modernize this routine, more to your current findings? Is 30-10-30 on both pec-dec and chest press too much to ask, especially in combination with negative dips?

I am considering 30-10-30 on pec-dec for pre exhaust, 3pos/3neg tempo for 10-12 reps on chest press and a 10 sec cadence of negative dips, followed by pushup as stated - how about that?

The only change I’d make above is to do the #2 exercise, chest press in the 30-10-30 style. So both #1 and #2 are 30-10-30. Then, go straight into negative dips and negative push-ups.

Those four are going to get your attention. Try it and if they are too much, then drop #2.