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Chest Soreness and Lump

Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to TRT. I have been on a 200mg a week dose split into two doses. I have been on this protocol for about 12 weeks. Last Week I noticed some soreness in my chest. At first I thought it was because I took a couple of weeks off of lifting. Then I was poking around in there and I felt a lump. My wife looked it up and said this is possibly a precursor to gyno. Anyone familiar with this? Any recommendations?

If its a lump near or surrounding the nipple region then yes it could be. That’s how its manifested for me in the past. What do your labs look like on your current regimen?

So it is pretty close to the nipple. So my labs were done from Kaiser and although I requested a full workup they only gave my total T, which was 1000 (I know that is the least helpful). I was thinking of going in for the lump and requesting a E2 and Free T again. Maybe now they will do a full workup.

You need a full work up. TT, FT, E2, SHBG with no need to test FSH/LH anymore. You also should prob through in Prolactin and I would get a number on DHT.

In the meantime, where are you getting your TRT from? Endo or TRT clinic? Your dose is pretty high IMO, less T would aromatize into less E2. You could add an AI but I prefer finding a T dose that balances you out without symptoms or the need for other drugs. You could also use Tamoxifen to combat the gyno but it will come back if you continually run too high of a test dose.

Basically I am getting the TRT from a “friend”. I could not really afford the clinic. I informed my GP at Kaiser of this and thus the labs, but I do not think the labs are sufficient and it sounds like my dosage is possibly high.

Can your ‘friend’ get you some Tamoxifen/Nolvadex? I don’t like to advise or direct people to use drugs… I’m not a doctor. I will tell you I am in the same boat currently from bumping my test dose a bit and I plan on running 20mg/day of Nolvadex until the symptoms subside then 10mg/day until my blast is done.

You may want to consider dropping your dose down about 3/4 of what you are taking now in the meantime and retest in 4-6 weeks.

He can get pretty much anything, so I believe so. I will check on the Nolvadex and will reduce my dose. Thank you for the help. I was thinking of going sub Q on test injections and going daily instead of BW, can you mix HGC and test into one injection?

I have a pea size lump in my left breast real close to my mipple and it’s always been there, I go on TRT and start getting nipple burning sensation and start feeling around as my hormones are in flux, if I hadn’t known it was there prior, I would be blaming it on TRT.

I have Kaiser as well and it’s been a rough ride trying to figure everything out on my own, you want these other labs you’re going to have to go to Discount Labs. Kaiser would not usually allow anything over 800, in fact my new endo likes to keep his patients <400 ng/dL (Head of Endocrinology at Kaiser), they will cancel your prescription until such time you can demonstrate levels are <800.

If you’re looking for a TRT specialists, you won’t find any at Kaiser. There are telemedicine clinics that can monitor you and are very competent and even offer advice only consultants, but I wouldn’t go it alone. I can make some recommendations if you like, just let me know.

I would love some recommendations. Any help I can get I will take.

Defy Medical can monitor you and treat you, but you need a physical before they will do anything.

I am relatively new to this. Can someone explain exactly what a blast is? I see the reference quite a bit. I was assuming it meant a temporary bump in T dosage for a period of time? Or is it adding other things in?

It can be either or

Thank you

I will look into Defy. I can get a physical from Kaiser.

Fat chance, go to a CVS minute clinic and ask for a sports physical. It’s about $95.

I used CVS for mine as well. Super easy (though I’m also young’ish and in good health so that probably didn’t hurt)