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Chest Size: Training or Genetic?

Alright so my roommate constantly tells me while we workout that my chest looks like it sags because its a lot lower on my abdomen than his, he thinks its because maybe its the way i have been training my chest while i keep telling him its just genetic and that thats just the way it forms and that i just have an overall larger chest than he does. can someone give me some good feedback on this. he thinks this because his chest is more “compact” than mine. any feedback would be good.

Do you have breasts?

unless you’re 70 years old, a man’s chest generally does not sag.
you’re probably right youjust got a larger chest
a pic would help.

This picture was taken around 2 years ago my chest is a lot more developed now then it was then but this is just posted to give you an idea of what im talking about.

Dude, lift consistently for about 5+ years then start nitpicking about shit like this.

It might be that you store more of your fat in your chest area. Although most men don’t u might. When you can hit 315 on BB or use at least 115db on flat bench and have under ~10% bf and your chest still sags then start worrying.

Why don’t you have a picture of yourself now?

Your roommate sounds like a douche. Stop training with him. Find someone twice as strong as you and train with him. Really. Twice as strong.

You won’t regret it.

What about a guy whose upper body is twice as strong but his lower body is only half as strong?