Chest/Shoulder Training After Shoulder Dislocation?

What are some good recommendations for building your chest, shoulders after recovering from a dislocated shoulder or major shoulder injury?


When was the dislocation?
What was the damage done as a result of the dislocation?
How long was your recovery?
Were you advised to avoid any specific exercises or movements?
Do you still have any pain or discomfort?
What kind of training are you doing?

There is a lot of information we need before suggesting anything.

if you don’t find yourself without the gym and you still want to train with this injury
use just the machines to maintain the balance and don’t hurt your shoulder
stay away from the dumbbells and barbells and free weight training in chest/shoulders workout for the moment
you can do a muscle show just training your muscles with the machines it’s the same thing you pump blood into the muscle and you have more balance to to avoid injury

I recently have been dealing with a minor shoulder injury, and in my experience there’s always an exercise that feels a bit tough at the time but helps your injury feel much better the next day.

I tried machines but I felt worse the next day. Landmine presses and dumbbell floor presses felt great at the time, but I felt worse the next day. Bizarrely cgbp was the answer. Shoulder felt a bit better the next day so I added 5 kg the next session. I started very light. This is NOT a recommendation, I’m just saying that some light trial and error must be needed.

Btw the DB floor presses made the most sense as you can drop the weight by extending the elbow not rotating the shoulder.

Oh, and wendler has an article on shoulder rehab.

Flapinit has the better route here, not me.