Chest/Shoulder 2x week?

I’m trucking hard to gain size and weight right now. Eating a ton, lifting hard. I feel that my body can take more than I’m giving it. I currently do Chest/Back on Mon, Legs/Abs Tue, Wed off, Thur is Tri/Bi and Friday is shoulders. I feel like I could do just bench again on Thursday and Shoulders on Tues and Fri. Both Shoulders and Chest are my weakest body parts, so I’d like to hit them hard.

Is this okay to do? I just feel like I’m young, and can take the added strain.

Theres no reason you cant hit body parts twice a week in fact to make good gains i feel it is neccessary. If your worried about overtraining just keep on top of nutrition and rest. Even if your still a bit sore it can be alright to train just keep your eyes open to the weights your doing stalling or even decreasing. peace

Okay sounds good. I’m so anxious to get size it’s like I can’t lift/eat enough. I’m a crazed machine.

If your shoulders are one of your weakest parts why are you training them at the end of the week when you have the least energy? More importantly, do you think you’re able to do overhead pressing effectively when you’ve destroyed your triceps the day before?

What about this split:
Mon - Chest & Shoulders
Tues - Back
Thurs - Chest & Shoulders
Fri - Legs & Abs

I recommend this split ONLY if your body can recover in time for your next workout. Being that you’re trying to put on some size I’d skip on the isolation arm movements or keep them to a minimum.

I am going to switch shoulders to Monday, however I still need a day for triceps/bis. I might have to go in Sat for them.

If you are training upper body twice a week, you are already training arms twice a week so why add even more stress to your recovery system - maybe drop the direct arm work for a while to save recovery…or try this split

Mon Chest,Shoulders, Biceps
Tue Legs - Quad domianant
Thur Chest,Shoulders, triceps
Fri Legs - hip dominant & upper back

If you are going to hit a muscle group twice a week, it’s worth lowering the volume of each workout slightly…i.e. if you normally to 12 sets of chest, don’t suddenly double your work load - maybe start with two workouts of 7-8 sets each.

How about doing two totally different workouts for the area you want to train twice? Rep ranges and exercises?

Watch out for overuse injuries and don’t forget to hit your retractors/ext rotators with extra volume too!

Good luck - build them boulders :slight_smile:

I 90% agree with Kinetix. Kill them shoulders at the beginning of the week.
I 10% disagree with Kin’s split he gave you. I just follow a slightly different philosophy.

Mon: Chest Shoulders (light BIs no more than 9 sets)
Tue: Legs
Wed: Off
Thur: Back Shoulders (light TRIs)
Fri-Sat: One day off, the other do heavy arms and abs…your choice.
Sun: Off

You can adjust the intensity of your workouts by varying how much you work the bis and tris during the week, i.e isolation kickbacks vs. close grip bench presses for tricep work on Thur. The bench press, etc will again hit your chest if you want that additional chest work.


The reason you feel you have more left and could do more is due to the fact you are wasting a whole day on Bi’s/tri’s.

If you feel they need more work then they should be receiving from bench presses and pull/chin ups and such then just add in a couple sets after the real upper body work is done to isolate them.

Also remember that your shoulders are getting hit hard by banch and such so while concentrating on shoulders and upper back on one day there is no reason your chest cant get some good work also.

Hope that helps.

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