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Chest Routines

Hey Fellow T-men and Vixens,
I work at a corporate fitness center and we are starting a “chest” program next week whereas all employees who sign up…find thier one rep max…and then they get five weeks before they are tested again, and we see if they improved. Can anyone give me a link on the site that has some programs specific for chest?? I would appreciate your help. Thanks…Tony G

Use the search engine, and/or look under frequently asked questions; there are a number of excellent chest specialization programs.

Please be a little clear on what you are looking for? Are you looking for a Bench routine? Also I work in a corporate site also. I Highly donot recommend a One Rep Max contest. Why don’t you do a Rowing regata contest or a Decathelon. Not a one rep max contest its to dangerous in that setting even if you are spotting them.