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Chest Routine?

tell me what u think about this work out for your chest.

bench 10,6,3
bench 3x6
close grip 1x8
wide grip 1x8
incline dumbbell 3x8
dip 3x12
pec-pec 2x10
skull crusher 2x10
triceps pressdown 2x12

do this for four weeks then up the weight then up your weight
I just what to know what u all think about this cuz im trying to up my bench.

This is roughly 4000x better: http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=311west2

You need to search in the articles section a lot and read a lot about training routine.

Way to much.

Also, you don’t simply put every chest exercise known to man in your workout. How will you be able to change your workout in about a month?

Instead, concentrate on 2 or 3 exercises, for instance:

flat bench:
warmup sets 1x12, 1x9, 1x6
workout sets: 3x8
incl db bench: 3x8
lying cable flies: 3x8

triceps push down: 3x8