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Chest Routine- Lagging Body Part How To Improve?


Dumbell Bench Press 5x5
Incline Dumbell 4x6-8
push ups 3x5
Super set- Decline dumbell 3x8-10 with Decline fly's 3x8-10
Pec Deck 4x10-12

I have been told that I am overtraining however, most of my other body part routines are similar in volume and I am experiencing good gains, I am getting stronger in my chest, but physically I do not see any improvement. Thoughts?



Who said you are overtraining? I don't think so.

How often are you doing this?

You said you are eating enough to grow elsewhere?

How long have you been lifting?

Can you feel your chest working when you bench? Or are you just moving the DB from point A to point B without regard to which muscle (pecs, delts or Tris) are doing the most work?


I am doing a 5 day split

I am growing elsewhere just the chest is lagging

I have been lifting on an off for about 2 years now, but seriously and properly for about 6-8 months


I removed the questions you answered, but still need the answers to the ones you didn't.


Okay so I guess I am not overtraining.

I can really feel it in the pecs, my weight is going up for my chest training but I do not SEE the change


That is probably because you've only been lifting for 6 months.

If you are super concerned it is falling behind, I would do the following:
1) do my chest day twice a week.

if that doesn't work

2) Vary my rep range

if that doesn't work

3) Do my flies before my pressing.

But, I am hesitant to even type that. Because I fear all you need is more time, strength and food, and am worried you are going to go out and fuck around with 6000 variables when the basics are still what you need.


Just takes time man, keep working hard and it'll come as long as you feel it in your chest and are getting stronger good things will happen.

FWIW I feel like everyone who has ever started lifting weights feels their chest and arms lag behind lol it is prolly just in your head.