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Chest routine - BB or DB?

Just out of curiousity…Which do you use more often for chest/bench pressing ? DB or BB? Over the years I have found that both have their place in my routine but I tend to gravitate towards the use of DB’s about 70% of the time. For the “feel and control” of the contraction, DB use is superior for me. I don’t plan on benching 500 lbs. anytime in the near future either so my priority is with the form and strictness of the movement for optimal development. I know that there are those out there that probably differ in thier thoughts and opinions on this matter so lets hear some feedback on this one…

I’m with you on the dbs. Use them about 90% of the time. Started using them when I was working out at home without a spotter (before I got a cage) for the safety. Now I just prefer the feel.

I’m sure it is just my horrible form, but I tweak my shoulders all too frequently with barbell bench press. As a result the only barbell bench pressing I do is close grip and that is primarily for my triceps.

If you have trouble like I do with my shoulders and tri’s overpowering my chest on barbell exercises then try to do 3/4 movements on your barbell exercises. This will keep the stress where it’s suppose to be…on the chest… and your shoulders and tri’s won’t have a chance to come in and assist as much.

Both have their place, but I think it is a mistake to pick one over the other. I trained for a year only using dumbbells and when I finally got back under the bar, I was shocked at how poor my bench was. I thing it is detrimental to fall into a rut and limit your lifting options.

the reasons why i use dumbells more then barbell are: i don’t have a spotter, i like to do equal weight in each arm, i’m able to squeeze at the top, get a deeper motion and stretch at the bottom, work the stabilizers more. laters pk

DBs are superior for pec development in my book. I rarely, if ever, use BB. I made the switch last summer and I finally have good pecs. I always felt BB bench in my delts and tris before my chest.

i try to get the best of both worlds…usually i do DB for two weeks, then switch to BB for two weeks. keeps my workouts changing which i like, and i get the benefits of using both…so far so good

I use DB’s for all of the previously mentioned reasons, additionally, when my gym takes a roll, it’s easier to bail out from under the DB’s. I work out on an aircraft carrier.

I’m with Anderson. Was putting up heavy DB’s,but bench was hurting. I recall reading Jeff Everson say not to rely too much on DB’s.