Chest/Rib Pain After Chest-Supported Rows

I was watching a bunch of form videos and saw that John Meadows and a couple of others raised their chests a little using momentum at the end of the movement. Was a bad idea for me. On the second of my three sets I gave it a go and felt pain under my ribs as soon as it finished. During my rest period the pain went away and I was able to do my last set without the exaggerated extra range of motion.

I forgot about it for the rest of the day but whilst yawning/stretching later that evening I felt a pain. This morning it feels a bit tender to move. It’s not excruciating or anything but I’ve decided to take the weekend off away from the gym.

I just wondered if it’s likely i’ll be able to return pretty quickly given that I was able to continue my last set without discomfort? A small minor strain that may be recovered in 48-72 hours?

Sorry if it’s one of those “we can’t possibly know the answer” questions. I get inside my head too much when I suffer an injury. Paranoid of time out.

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Faster than typing. I hope this is helpful!

It will probably be sore longer than 24-48hrs, but you should be able to train with it. Getting better mobility is the key to success.
Here is the easiest place to start fixing the problem:


Cheers! It’s feeling much better already and after 3 days out, going back doesn’t seem to be limiting my training much, just on chin-ups in the full dead hang position. There is still a bit of pain but I feel like this will go away in a short amount of time, especially if I keep up with stretching etc.

Thanks again. :slight_smile: