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Chest Program



I read Chad's program on chest in six weeks but unfortunately do not have the equipment avaiable to do that. I only have a bench press, barbell and dumbells, there are no gyms anywhere near me so can only use this equipment. Does anyone have a programme for Chest, Shoulder and Back so that I can start bulking up.



By "bulking up", I presume you mean add a significant amount of muscle, correct? I'll trust that your nutrition is in order (a whole bunch of protein, and a whole bunch of calories).

As for the specifics, there are other options you can go with, but it will be kind of tricky just to focus on the back, chest, and shoulders without also emphasizing the rest of your body.

In general, I'd recommend a steady lifting diet of the deadlift, clean, standing overhead press, and flat bench press. Maybe consider having 1 day for each of those movements, and follow with smaller accessory lifts.

Perhaps something like:
Deadlift 10x3
1-arm DB row 6x4
DB Side Bend or Full Contact Twist 4x3

Flat Bench Press 8x4
Low Incline DB Press 4x8
"Random Triceps Exercise" 4x10

Clean 10x3
Shrug 4x4
Rear Delt Raise 4x10

Military Press or Push Press 8x4
Pull-ups (if possible) 4x8
Lateral Raise or Front Raise 4x10

Just sort of thinking out loud here. One problem with something like the above routine would be limited lower body work. Even though you want to emphasize the upper body, big moves that hit the lower body will still trigger all those nice hormones needed for growing muscle. Also, you may want more pulling, to balance out the presses. Eh, like I said, it's just thinking out loud, something to chew on.

Here's a relevant question, how are you training right now?


I agree with Minotaur that this program lacks lower body movements. If you aren't able to squat because of not having a rack I have 2 suggestions:
1. do overhead squats
2. do hack squats

A few other changes I would make are:
1. Substitute bent over BB rows for power cleans. The power clean is an exercise geared more towards maximum force. It places more emphasis on accelerating the bar up rather than lifting the bar up. It has it's place in routines but I don't think it is one of the better choices for your goals.

  1. If you do bb rows then I would do some type of curl in place of 1 arm db rows. Preferably heavy bb curls, preacher curls, or hammer culrs.

  2. For your "random tricep exercise" I would do weighted dips.

take care



Thanks for the help guys! My diet is ok, but could do with improving I suppose. My workout is as follows, baring in mind I'm a beginner so sorry about any mistakes or bad exercises:-

Monday -
3x8 Chest Press
3x8 Incline Press
3x8 Dumbell Fly

Tuesday -
3x8 Bent Over Row
3x8 Military Press
3x8 Vertical Row

Wednesday - OFF

Thursday - Same as Monday

Friday - Same as Tuesday

How is that?





Without a doubt for a number of reasons. Mostly people who have a large developed upperbody and no lowerbody look pretty F'N dumb. Secondly moves like the squat and deadlift can add mass to the entire body( especially the deadlift) The deadlift is a must,if you have a bar and weights you need to be deadlifting. You could always clean the bar up then do front squats. This can be difficult but very doable.


So you're saying that if i did a similar program set out by minotaur, added some squats i should have a workout that will help add bulk.

Once again, cheers!


Yeah I think so. You could also check out Chad Waterbury's Total Body training. Its a great way to start if your looking to train the total body route.


If you can do deads, military presses bench presses rows and chins, you'll be fine