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Chest probs and westside

I have a terrible time building up my chest…I’ve tried everything…well, almost. I was thinking about starting a westside routine and adding about 2 extra workouts(high rep as westside calls for) in the attempt to increase my chest’s size and strength. Any suggestions? Comments? Objections? Help!!! As pathetic as they are, here are my #‘s 5’10’’, 185lbs and only bench 230-235. Thanks ya’ll

ever try weighted dips?

I do dips every now and then but on a first set I’d only be able to get roughly 15 with bw…so weight would prob. only be needed for the first couple sets. Are you recomending them in a westside type prog. or just stating that they may be beneficial in any program with my situation? Should I lean forward to stress the chest more?

I dont know if WS is going to give you a whole lot of pec hypertrophy if that is what your looking for. Check out Chad Waterbury’s Build A Huge Chest In Six Weeks here at T-mag, he gives you two unique exercises aimed at pec hypertrophy that you could probably work in somewhere on a WS program. Good Luck.

man this puestion just bugs the shit out of me and it makes me even more pissed off when i think that the workout that I just did or will try doing next just got me or will get me no size and strength in my chest. FRUSTRATION!!! I guess I wish I could just hear from someone who had the same problem and has found a way to get passed it.

5` 8`` 181lbs 225 bench.

MJC Pal, buddy of mine come cry with me!

Heh no in all honesty lets just work harder at it. similar tale of chest woe. Everything else grows stonger and bigger. Except you guessed it.

Now I would love to tell you that I have made incredible gains in 2 weeks but that would be a lie.

However the good news is I wasnt even close to hitting 225 4 weeks ago. What has helped is hitting my tris not only via Dumbbell floor presses (immediately following my bench effort) but now at the end of all three work outs a week ( following joe defrancos west side for skinny ) I hit my tris.

Like i said nothing astounding but I have accepted that I will have to work hard and long to get my chest whereas my buddy can do it within 6 months.

Thems the breaks.