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Chest Problem


My right side of the chest is bigger than left side. It wasn't a big problem but It' s getting noticable little bit. What should I Do?


Well you don't see that very often.

  1. Figure out why that is happening.

  2. Stop doing that.

  3. Try unilateral training (flies, crossovers, etc.)

  4. Make sure it's not a medical problem


try some unilateral exercises like alt. db. bench, but there could be underlying shoulder issues...like more imbalances...more info needed--training history, past injuries, unilateral dominance in daily activities...


OK I once broke my right side collar bone. Does that matter? Right now I do compound exer. bench with barbell. I do keep right form balanced.


this problem is extremely common just cycle a dumbells only workout for your entire upper body until it evens out. it will probably only take a few weeks. just make sure you never lift more than your weak side can handle