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Chest Problem

Well im gona try to make this short ive been working out for a while on and on it was only untill last year that i started training seriously i have gone fron having 16 inch to 17 and a half inch arms my back has gotten alot better so has my delts and legs.

My problem is my chest its not the entire chest actully its only the “upper Inner” chest that has been severly underdevelopt comparing it to the rest ive gone from benching 200 x 5 to benching around 255 x 4 or 220 x 12 . My incline went from maybe 80s to 110s dbs.

What i havent done in alot of movment like for example incline is press the dumbells togheter , the same is with flies i just did them like arnold not all the way till they touched eachother im gona attach a pic of how it looks so you guys can see , Any one gone trough this problem or is it just genetics and i shoud continue upping the numbers on the presses and not worrie? or shoud i change around how i do the exercises like i said squeze on the top like i havent done ?

Stats :205 lbs
Arms 17 .5 inches
bodyfat unknown
legs:28 inches i think (72 cm)

I can put up more pics if you guys want . anyways

Edit: the reason i noticed this now is i shaved my chest for the first time lol i was a monky

What is the rep range for the 110 pound dumbbells?

How many sets?

How often do you train upper chest per month?

110s i can do 4-5 reps

I have trained the last 6 weeeks with a three way split hitting all muscle groups 2 x a week ive gotten alot stronger:

Day 1 chest/shoulder/triceps
Benchpress pyramide up to top set 6-8 reps (ie : 200 x 8 , 225 x 8 , 245 x 6.
Db inclines -;;- 8-10 reps (ie: 65s x 10 , 85 x 10 , 100 x 9
cable flies 3 x 8-12

: Shoulders
Military press ramp up to top set :6-8: 110 x 8 , 135 x 8 , 165 x 6.
Db shoulder 90 degree : ramp up top set = 65s x 8 -10
Leteral raises 3 x 8-12

Triceps : Rack lockouts or machine dips ramp up to a top set of 3 on rack and 8-12

Day 2 Back/traps/biceps
cable rows/machine rows
bb shurgs
Db shrugs
BB curl /db curl
Preacher db/bb ezbar
Cable one arm /stright bar curl

On this ones i do ramp up on most exercies and i alternate each week

day 3 / Legs
SQuats Ramp up top set of 3-5 reps : Ie:225 x 5 , 245 x 5 , 265 x 5 , 300 x 5 …
Front squats 3 x 8-12 light weight getting used to having a bar on the chest i do like 155 lbs
Leg extension 3 x 8 -12

Hamstrings curls 3 x 6-8 ramp up to a top set
Leg press ramp up to a top set of 8

Calves machine calves 3 x 10-15
Hack squat calves /seated calves 2 x 8 -12

Day 4 Repeat

Day 7 sunday rest.

This program has given me good strenght gains and you can see my legs can handle alot of volume and recover .

add in some incline work and gain weight.

Post the rest of the pics you took



back not a good pic really

i dont think gaining weight is an issue the rest of his body is bulky and judging by the chest pic his whole chest is very underdeveloped compared to the rest of his body. quads and back being pretty standout … i would say to get strong at dips and decline presses or db press variations and get rid of the flat bench. do more heavy flies. and hammer the fron delts to give you more thickness in the front. ive herd a few guys that believe that the upper chest cant be hypertrophied and a contraction is a contraction, dorian being one of them. most people feel decline presses, dips, and hammer chest machine presses more in their pec. these exercises would obviously be a better choice to develop the chest in my opinion.

yeah back and legs are what i grow fast from , im gona do more dips and try decline presses i thaught they hit the lower chest. also i was thinking of implementing pre exhaust with flies /incline bench really focusing on the squeeze any thaughts on pre exhaust?

Why would someone focusing on chest development continue doing chest, delts and triceps all in one work out?

you could…

  1. do an entire chest spec (with more attention to upper/inner{?}-chest movements)

  2. do one regular chest day (your current push day maybe?) and another day to target the weak areas

just a thought

The better you feel you chest work in all chest exercises the more even the development will be all over your chest, so yes squeeze your pecs as hard as you can throughout and at top of the movement while. Incline flies for preexhaust and incline press is a great combo for chest.

im a victime of the " not feeling it while doing the movments ofc i get sore and get a little pain when doing heavy presses but ive never been a squuezer feeling the whole contraction while doing the movment. (letting the ego go out the door and implementing more feel and squeezes)
Proffessor dam your a fuking monster , lol So if i skip the Chest/shoulder/triceps meaning i disregard doing push pull and legs split shoud i just go and do a regular split , ( the only problem with those is that i never get as much strenght as with the push pull one were im hitting 2 x a week) or shoud i do 5 a week with 2 x chest days in there(one with more atention inner /upper chest movments like maf14 said) and the rest of the muscle groups 1 x a week? srry if its a stupid question .

Do more machine/cable work for the chest (this enables more focus/direct hit to target), and do the lagging parts first in the workout. No use doing flat bench first, if it’s the the upper part that’s lagging.

You are doing the same frequency of training for every bodypart, so as PX said, maybe think about lowering the focus on other stuff in favour of the chest.

this pic is from a year ago benching 200 x 5 here , as you can se what improves is the outer and lower parts of the chest.

Do you have access to some HS incline/decline machines? Have you tried pre-exhausting the pecs before benching?

[quote]Rational Gaze wrote:
Do you have access to some HS incline/decline machines? Have you tried pre-exhausting the pecs before benching?[/quote]

hey , no we dont have a hammer strenght machine :confused: we have a machine that you press out like a seated bench . Ive never done Pre exhaust i tried one set last chest workout and it felt greate . did incline flies/ incline barbell .

Why are people talking about pre-exhausting muscles when this guy is only benching 245 as a max weight? 40lbs over your body weight isn’t exactly going to produce huge pecs.

255 x 4-5 but i see your point … im just afraid i will keep gaining in the same areas and the pecs will look saggy