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Chest Problem In The 5x5

[quote]LiquidMercury wrote:
yes I did this before but than I also did GVT and texas style progression in the 2 months or so after and had a 2 deload sessions in there. Generally my chest has just always been my weak point.

Squat: 425
Deadlift: 405
Bench: 215

Kind of seems off by a good bit huh? I guess I’ll tweak it, maybe make the % increase a little lower to 1.5-2% or possibly reset a week or two.[/quote]

Hahaha, I have the same problem more or less. It seems like I can just look at my legs/lower back and they grow. I did come to the conclusion that my bench grip is rather narrow. I am going to work on widening my grip and see if that helps.

Well I’m rediong my percentages and i’ll let everyone know how it works out after