Chest Pains On PCT

So i am 3 weeks intp clomid pct and i am getting all kinds of pains all over my joints and bones.

I also from time to time get an odd pain in the center of my sternum.
I crashed my e2 at the beginning of pct and thinking since i seem to not be recpvering (no morning wood, low energy, testicles still kinda small) could this chest pains be related to low estrogen?

I havent taken an ai in about two weeks now.

I am also iron deficient and have sporadic heart palpitations (like 4-5 times a day) but i have done ultrasound, 24 hour holter monitor and numerous ecg and heart was said to be healthy.

what are your thoughts on this? Could those chest pains be from low e2? I also have pretty bad pains in my elbows and knees.

I was thinking of getting bloodwork 4 weeks into my pct but if my e2 is crashed i am tempted to find out and take a hot or two of hcg to raise it a bit as it isnt getting any better.

i also have muscle pains and my elbows are really starting to kill me in the last 2 days.

Results are in as i was too curious.

Total test 5,06 ng/dl (ref 2,49 - 8,36)
E2 22 pg/ml ref (7-42)

I seem to be right on the money here.

Why the hell do my joints and bones hurt? Does the e2 need to build up in tissue?

Cumulative unrecovered damage. You work out hard, moreso when on cycle, joints and tendons suffer and recover slower than muscles. You just don’t feel it when you’re on cycle. I’ve heard plenty of guys complain about exactly those pains when they’re off, and they usually can’t wait to start the next cycle so the pain stops. Try taking glucosamine, it’ll help.

Well i will be certainly sticking to my “one cycle per year max” policy.

I started taking d3 again (believe it or not, autumn has already arrived here where i live) and will look into joint support.

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I am in the same boat. Been off cycle for about three months. My iron is low. Platelets are low and rbc is still high. Did you stop having heart palpitations? I’ve been having them as of lately.

I believe low testosterone was the reason i got palpitations. I couldnt take it anymore and started hcg only. Within few hours after the shot i started feeling normal (anxiety lifted and feeling of well-being came) and within few days palpitations went away. After 2 weeks i added 100mg test per week.

Now for the last 2 weeks i have been on hcg only and feeling perfectly fine, actually very good, muscles are full and libido is high. Been using hcg for 6 weeks in total and will try coming off again.

But if i get issues again i will say fuck it amd just stay on 100 test and hcg.

Because in that case my hpta is obviously broken.

Testicles are fine when all it takes is hcg only for me to feel perfectly normal.

Testosterone regulates calcium channels in the heart and is anty-arrhythmic so a lack can definitely cause arrhytmias. I was getting nasty ones while i was on clomid, where i would get vertigo alongside palpitations.

Onyl pvc’s and pac’s were recorded on the 24 hr monitor however i am sure i was getting afib because of vertigo and there is some data to suggest that low testosterone makes one susceptible to afib.

Update. After i ditched the pct been on 100mg test and hcg for 6 weeks and then hcg only 500 iu 3x per week for 2 more weeks. Felt great on hcg only.

Now it has been a week since stopping hcg and currently on 50mg clomid per day. Just few days ago i started feeling like sh1t and palpitations are bqck, multiple times a day.

100% positive it is the low testosterone that is causing them.

And I feel shprt of breath, probably just general malaise, felt like that during the previous pct attempt too.

firstly, anabolics are known to induce cardiac complications, as is low testosterone left untreated for prolonged periods of time, I’d say high dose anabolics are quite a bit worse though.

If you cycle, don’t kid yourself, you may be inducing significant cardiovascular damage (dependent on compounds, doses, duration, genetics, lifestyle choices etc)… so you’re chest ailment could very well be cardiomyopathy/related to cardiac damage (of which is also implicated within iron deficiency) AAS also interfere with iron metabolism, drastically increased RBC Synthesis due to increase output and effectiveness/sensitivity to erythropoietin may dramatically and quickly lower/use up iron stores

Exacerbated Iron deficiency may also very well be the cause for palpitations (i assume you’re talking about premature ventricular contractions)… anabolic steroids also facilitate autonomic dysfunction due to effect on catecholamne uptake… these effects may level out over time as the body re attains homeostasis on cycle, though this would take quite a while, and the changes regarding autonomic function (which do predispose one to arrhythmia may take a while to return to baseline, this is one of the biggest reasons… aside from cardiomyopathy… not to use cocaine and AAS together)

Various other avenues, even hypogonadism is correlated with autonomic dysfunction

You’re probably best off getting at the very least a precordial examination from a medical professional, i’d perform it for free but I don’t know you… so that doesn’t work… at best case an ECG or stress test. Better safe than sorry even if it’s very unlikely you’re on the verge of death

Also inadequate iron but normal/High RBC count still isn’t optimal as red blood cells can’t mature properly without adequate iron stores to facilitate growth and development, thus the red blood cells, whilst adequate in number, won’t be able to deliver oxygenated blood to various tissues adequately… so one could still be symptomatic. To know if this is the case, a reticulocyte count is needed

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