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Chest Pains From Fish Oil?

I have noticed that when ever I start taking a significant amount of fish oil (2-3 capsules per meal, 6 meals a day) I start experiencing slight chest pains. Maybe not pain, but discomfort. This goes away when I reduce the amount of fish oil I consume. I’m 16 and in very good condition, so I doubt that its my heart. I was wondering if any of you have ever experienced this and what I can do about it, since 12 capsules a day really doesn’t seem like too much.

Go see a doctor.

You should see a doctor immediately if you experience chest pain.

I don’t think it’s the fish oil unless you are getting heartburn or reflux from them. That is often percieved as chest pain by many folks.

To echo everyone else, if you are experiencing chest pain, check with a doctor.

Also, similar to what Hedo said, my doctor related an anecdote to me.

When a young man complains about chest pain, it is usually his stomach. When an old man complains about his stomach, it is usually his heart.

However, usually isn’t always, get checked out.

Maybe its the amount of fat you’re intaking? if youre on keto or something, and intaking 75-80% of fats (yes, some people do this), it may cause hearth palpitations and stomach problems. I’ve been there, heck, was there last night.

thanks for the responses guys, i definitely will check with a doctor