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Chest pain

Sometimes I get pain in the left side of my chest, particulary when eating. I’m 17 and feel this is strange, it sounds like a symptom of heart disease. I play basketball and lift weights, so i consider myself fairly fit. Any ideas on whether this is serious or what it might be would be appreciated.

heart burn…seriously…

it could be heart burn…try some tums
before you think heart problems…


It may be due to stress. I get the same thing in the same place usually when I’m stressing over something. Something to consider and possibly evaluate for yourself. Or it may be due to something more serious, therefore a checkup by your physician would be a good idea. I have no clue what causes it for myself, therefore I should probably go to the doctor myself. :wink:

I’m 19 and I get the same thing. I notice that if I lay on my side, for example laying on the bed reading something, when I get up it will hurt. I worried about it too but usually the pain is harmless… however I am not saying that’s the case for you. Ask the doctor about it on your next checkup… but you probably just have heartburn or what I have (btw what I have was explained to me as compression of my chest against the heart… sounds bad but is harmless and actually kind of common.)

Hey Brownncy----does it hurt to breath in real deep when you have your pain? I sometimes get a squeeze pain on the left side of my chest and I can’t yawn or breath deeply. I’m only 20 and both my grandpas are living (past age 80). I find it hard to believe it’s a heart attack but I went to the doctor and they couldn’t figure out what the problem is.

J and the rest of you guys…chest pain is a pretty nonspecific symptom. To have any real idea of what’s going on with you, you’ll have to elaborate (i.e. describe the pain, when it occurs, ameliorating/exacerbating factors, where exaxctly it hurts).
…or you could just go to your doctor. :wink:

JB- I’m 18 and sometimes get the same thing that you described. When I inhale deeply during one of these episodes it hurts, but I find if I inhale deeply several times the pain comes to a peak and then disappears.
What the other person said about the chest being compressed against the heart makes sense. In that case, inhaling deeply would expand the chest and the chest would no longer be compressing the heart.
Thoughts anyone?

I also get the pain you guys are describing…squeezing on the left side of my chest that hurts more when I take a deep breath and then fades quickly. I actully have a docters appointment on monday because my blood pressure was high (seems to have come down a bit though) for awhile. I’ll let you know what he says. For the record, I’m also 20.

are you on stimulants? ie ephedrine loads of caffiene. could be palipations. just a simplistic approach to it. Get it checked though

Everyone seems to be describing muscle spasms, although I may be wrong by generalizing. Usually it feels like a “heart proplem” when in actuality its a pec problem generated from stress. Once it begins most people will obsesse over it creating a downward sprial of stress and anxiety. This, as a result, will elivate the problem. Once again this may be a little too general, but most people have this. It can be cured by simple and effective relaxation. If Brock was here he would plug his new relax supp.

Tony and JB, I have the same thing and went to the doctor about it. They did many tests including an ultrasound and concluded (tentatively) that it was an inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart, caused by an infection. I hadn’t noticed before, but it does seem to always follow a minor cold/flu. Not sure why it sometimes goes away when you breath deeply enough.

Tony, what are you doing when this pain comes on? Is it sharp, dull, crushing? Honestly, this isn’t a great forum for discussing things like this. If you’re really concerned about it, like I said before, go see a doc.

JB, yeah, when I breathe deep it definitely makes it worse. Hey, JB, sometimes when I’m sitting in a chair it (my chest) feels uncomfortable, like I have to shift a little bit. You ever get that? I was told it’s normal, this thread is actually encouraging me to get another opinion. I guess it doesn’t hurt to get it checked again.

3 possible things. #1 muscle spasm, just like a ham or calf cramp. #2 Heartburn as others have mentioned. #3 and probably the real cause, especially for those of you have stated that it hurts when you breath in deep. “GAS”. Probably swallowing too much air when eating. Slow down, chew your food, don’t gulp your drink. This is epecially true of those kids who take a bite of food, slurp their soda and mix it all together…YUK!!

DocT, I haven’t had one of these episodes in a while so I’m not really sure what I’m doing when they occur. I guess I would describe the pain as a sharp tightness in the chest. Like I said before, if I inhale deeply a few times the pain gets sharper while inhaling but the pain comes to a breaking point and then goes away. Because of this I tend to think it may have something to do with my lungs. I also have asthma, albeit very light (I haven’t used an inhaler in years).
I probably should get it checked by a doctor, but to tell you the truth, I’m not that concerned about it since I haven’t had an episode in awhile.