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Chest Pain

So i’ve been dealing with a bench injury all week. The pain is in the inner upper portion of my right chest and the is a little tightness leading up to my neck. There is no burising or swelling from what i can notice. What i’m confused about is what exactly the injury is. When it first happen i was able to finish the lift and completed the workout with very little pain.

THe next morning i could barely raise my arm over my head. Now its been about 5 days, I’m able to heavy overhead press without any pain, stretching my chest doesnt hurt at all, some light machine presses are generally pretty good, and i can do push-ups with little pain(no pain if i do closegrip push-ups). But benching with anything over 100lbs hurts like a mother.

Specifically pushing with the left arm hurts the right part of my chest. Ive tried all different grips and it all hurts the same. Basically im just asking if anyone has experienced anything similar

Is it your sternoclavicular joint? Or it could be a rib attachment.