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Chest Pain When Doing Dips


A couple months ago i pushed myself up from my bed where my hands were behind me almost in a dip ex position. I felt a pulling pain from where my sternum connects to my rib cage. I then went to the gym and when i got to the dip bars the same pain was encountered. I didn't feel it during bench presses but later on in the future trying push ups without pain was unsuccessful.

It's been 3 months and i haven't done anything heavy but tried push ups the other day. The only problem that i can think i'm going through is costochondritis. What are some exercises i can do for this?


I think you figured out your what you have (in my opinion). Now the question is not what exercise you can do to fix it but what caused it in the first place. Decline bench was the culprit for me. Didn't you say a dip motion bothered you; close to the same motion. I always had a feeling like "Man, I wish it would just crack like my back does"

BTW, doesn't go away over night!