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Chest Pain/Strain, WTF Is It?

So I started the indigo project last week. This is my second week and doing chest day. I get to floor presses and I’m feeling great…all of a sudden this pain in my upper left pec area shoots pain.

I drop the weights and think i’ll shake it off bc I feel strong and ready to go. I try again same fucking thing!! WTF!! Every-time I try to lift there’s this pain that nags at me. I feel I could push through if I really wanted to , but feared that if I did I would just exacerbate whatever was already there.

Anyways, when I’ m not lifting I feel fine…just when I do any chest motion is when I feel it. I just turned 30 and when I was in my 20’s I would never really warm up or stretch much. It had been a long while since I had lifted so I just went back at it like I used to and maybe thats why this is happening.

Would appreciate any feedback as to what thus might be and how to bounce back quick. I bought indigo and don’t want to take it if not doing the workouts. Fucking pissed =/

You said you are just getting back into lifting? Since you have experience, you know your body, any pain out of the ordinary will throw up a giant red flag. Go with your instinct and resist training through any pain that you have a question about.

Sounds like a strain IMO, but it’s best to get it checked out by a healthcare provider if it worries you. Standard treatment for any strain is of course to stop any movement that puts any stress on the given area for awhile. Doctor will probably give you some anti-inflammatory like Cataflam or related and tell you to alternate between ice and heat for about a week.

If it were me I would stop the training and give attention to my injury, rather than risking the possibility of making it worse. Its sounds like your right at the start of your Indigo project, easier to stop now than later, and it’s amazing what rest and T.L.C. will do to an aggravated muscle.