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Chest Pain New Running Program


36yro, 5’9, 215#

Have always been somewhat fit but did fall off slightly but not completely about a year ago. Did gain between 10 to 15#s in the last 2 years.

  1. Have always worked around controlled asthma
  2. My left side is jacked from getting hit by a side mirror walking down the street to catch bus as a youngster. Funny right?. Got hit, shrugged it off and went to school. I have always known something is wrong in upper back on left side.

As of late that injury appears to be causing issues in left shoulder and know perhaps left pecs. Those muscles have probably been compensating over the years and now its showing up. Especially as I enter a new training program and begin to climb back into a fitter state.

My concern or question, could pec issues get aggravated during a run? It’s hard to decipher if there is in injury in left pec since my left side seems to always be a nuisance.

Any left chest side pain always raises those fears. As honestly as I can say this, it only makes my paranoia seem more idiotic but it would have to be some very rare circumstance that i would have heart issues at this age. I’ve lead a fairly healthy life all my life. All blood work and dr screenings come back normal. Also, had a friend/nurse listen to my heart, she said it sounded healthy.

Has anyone experienced left chest pain that was muscular during running? Again, could a slightly inflammed pec become more inflammed while running? I’d imagine they get used during arm swing.

Thanks for any help or guidance!

What’s up man?

I’m not a doctor, but;

Pec minor attaches to shoulder blade. If your upper back is “messed up” and not supporting your shoulder properly your pec could easily be jumping in to hold your arm in place. This isn’t ideal so, you could get pain in your chest.

I first heard about this when a super strong overhead presser with back issues talked about a sore pec minor after some overhead work.

Shoulder and upper back stability issues are super common on this board. Often they start after a blow to the shoulder or damage to nerves around the neck or arm pit.

If any of this sounds like you, check out



And also all the TNation articles about posture and face pulls.

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Appreciate the reply. Yea I’ve really made strong efforts to correct posture and work mobility.

Right after I made this post I started feeling a similiar sensation in my other pec.

My trainer has me doing a lot of incline and overhead work. At least more than I am accustomed to. I think the different angles has awoken some pecs that have gone neglected. It’s more pronounced on my left side because of the back injury.

Hopefully it’s on of the things that just needs some R&R. My trainer is big on R&R so I should be in good heads. Have had what we will be 4 days of rest before hitting upper again. Tomorrow will tell me more I’m sure