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chest pain - more like discomfort

Hey there guys - I hope that you can shed some light on a little bit of discomfort Ive been having for the last week or so. On my left side, draw a vertical line between my nipple and my collar bone, now move left of that line (away from the center of the chest) about an inch or so (basically right under the shoulder - sorry I dont really have any knowledge of the proper anatomical terms). Anyways in this general area Ive been having some discomfort, its not sharp or shooting, and kind of extends under my arm - and sometimes extends around to my back at a slightly lower level. If I push on the other side of my body on the spot where it hurts on my left side - the "pain" is replicated on the other side for a few seconds. It doesnt really feel like my chest is tight or anything.

I had this same feeling last year at the exact same time of year and went to the doctor about it. She said I had normal blood pressure and that my heart sounded normal. She figured it was some inflamation that was pinching a nerve and sending out a pain signal. I really have no idea, last night I went for a run and that did not make it any worse - in fact while running I did not notice it but it did return before I went to sleep.

I have no idea what this is, if I should go get it checked out again or what. Anyone ever have similar experience?? Thanks for your help guys.

I`ll just mention that last year it went away after a couple of days past my doctors visit. I was prescribed anti-imflammatory drugs but chose not to take them as I felt better without them.

I have had the exact same pains in my chest. I went to the doctor and he also said it was inflamation and gave me some pills. I didn’t take them either. That was over two years ago and I still feel that pain sometimes. I never feel it when I’m working out, only when I’m relaxing.

I’ve had similar pains in my left pectoral/shoulder area. Never under intense exercise, only when sitting or relaxing. Since I’m pretty big (actually, fat) I even went to a cardiologist and got a stress test which showed no problems. Then one day my chiropractor said it seemed my pectoralis major was excessively tight. (I don’t know how he noticed.) As an experiment, I had a massage therapist do some deep tissue massage on my pecs. Voila! The pain disappeared. I suspect it has something to do with the fascia of the chest muscles binding together or rubbing against each other, but I’m not a physiologist. Try a massage and see what happens.

Thanks yorik. I’ll give a massage a try.

If that is what is happening - I love you (in the most manly way possibly). The “pain” has now extended itself part way up the left side of my neck and is really getting annoying. I noticed the same thing - its only when Im relaxed that it happens - not when I excercise and not when my heart rate goes up. Im definetly going to give massage a try. Thanks guys.

My mistake. It was my pectoralis MINOR that was tight. (That’s why I couldn’t understand how the chiropractor noticed it.) I hope the massage works for you. A massage is pretty cheap compared to other dagnostics.

I’ve got the same damn thing…doctor said it was inflammation of pectoral connective tissue & the ribcage. He prescribed rest & Aleve, but I’m thinking of giving Active Release Therapy (ART) a shot. Any thoughts?

Okay - it seems as though there are a few others who are in a similar situation as me. is there anyone who has any idea what causes the pectoral to become tight like this?? and maybe how to prevent it?

I think my problem stems from my bad habits. I’m right handed, so the left arm doesn’t get the same exercise and movement. I tend to rest my left arm on the window and hold the steering wheel when I’m driving, so my right is available to shift. When I’m at work, I have a tendency to tuck my left arm in across my body as my right hand moves the mouse. Ask yourself if you have any bad kinesiological (is that a word?) habits like this. They might be possible causes. (Since I’m not a doctor, I emphasize “might”.)

hey yorik, i think that my problem stems from the same thing. I find that i do everything with one side of my body - i`ve even been leaning a bit to one side lately and find that i always keep all my weight on my left leg etc. anyone know how to correct these type of “imbalance” problems?