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Chest Options


I'm looking for other options to improve my chest. I do traditional bench presses, fly, but due to an old bicep injury it feels like its tearing when I do flys. I like cable crossovers but we do not have that at our department gym. Any suggestions?


do you really need an iso movement?

ever do Low-to-High flyes? i dont feel those in my arms much... compared to normal flyes at least


Guillotine press. Also I love the Hammer Strength Iso Wide Chest (plate loaded)


from the look of your avi you need to start hammering incline variations (incline BB, incline DB's, Incline Smith, Incline HS ect) for a while.

Do you feel bicep pain while on the "pec deck" machine?


i'm worried about your bicep. have you tried rolling it with a tennis ball or (if that feels fine) something harder like a lacrosse ball? you might find muscle knots from scar tissue from your injury. if you work a bit on rolling the knots away and stretching the bicep gently you might find it gets significantly better. good enough for flys even. or it might be that it needs to start out with light weights and gradually strengthen (tendons get stronger slower than muscles). luck.