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Chest... NOT the same old question..

This does concern chest size… but In a different way… I understand the FORM of your chest is left up to genetics… but I think mines alot different the most peoples… ok… I have been doing bench, I try to change my exercises every 3 weeks etc… But here my problem… My chest is not the same size through… Doing alot of flat, my MID chest OUT chest is huge, it’s perfectly what I want, and my outer, TOP is big too… however where I AM the least seem to my LOWER part of my chest… the middle lower is good, it’s the FROM the middle (Straight down from my nipple)… and outer lower… I was thinking maybe of doing widegrip decline bench presses… or is this POINTLESS???
I REALLY need help, so it would be awesome for someone to post sujestions…

my 2nd worst spot seems to be my middle to upper inner chest… Someone told me PEC decs are the best for these, is that true…?

you make no sense

HOLY FU#$ WHAT WAS I ON when I wrote this, hahaha… I just reread it, god damnit, thats the funniest giberish I’ve ever seen!.. sorry about his… I’ll rewrite it tommorow, and try to be alot more specifik, and actually MAKE SENCE :slight_smile:

Have you ever of Dynamic Tension? Give me a gallon of milk, a rubber band, and a sack of potatoes and I will give you a work out that you can’t believe!!

ya i get what u mean. for my chest workout i do inclines then flats and flyes. thats all. when i notice an imbalance i do a different exercise. like usually the upper chest is slower. i do declines to. there a easy exercise but ruin ur chest. try them out. u will be so sore for a while. also try different grips. if ur imbalance is really bad. i would just do declines. then whatever isolation exercises u do. u can use dumbbells too. try it for a week. also if ur upper chest is to big lay of of it for a while till ur bottom catches up.

Heavy, weighted dips (on parallel bars). End of story.