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Chest Lag/Triceps Strength


Hey everyone, I don't take a very wide grip in the bench....and my triceps defianetly take most part of the work in the bench press..its developed my triceps, and my bench has never been higher but my chest is lagging...its not flat..i got muscle on my chest, but i can tell its lagging a bit. My shoulders also over-power..CT just said how to do declines if you have over-powering shouldres..so I might add that in my program as a "beach muscle" - of course still doing biceps..cause I don't think doing this chest exercise will hamper my ME bench days too much..Anyone else have any other ideas to build my chest more..I was also repping out 185 as a main exercise on my repition day..with a wider grip of course..will this work also? Thanks everyone.


haha isolation exercises for biceps. thats awesome dude. good luck on your beach program and even more luck on dealing with the fact you're a prettyboy faggot.


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God damn, I did EZ bar bicep curls this morning. I didnt realise that I am now a faggot.

Someone could have warned me about this nasty side effect.


id be more worried about the stupidity side effect. learn how to workout.


I'm guessing that you are another anti-direct arm work person.


most "serious" lifters i know only train their arms directly once a week. if that. i respect people like CW and CT who might incorporate lots of isolation lifts in their programs, and i understand they're qualified and have a lot of clients, etc, but i, like many, have a compound-movements only policy.

why am i doing curls when i could be doign upright rows or chins

why am i doing doing tricep extensions when i could be benching or dips


Bench press as usual. After your bench press session do decline flies.
You could also check out this article:


If that doesn't work kill yourself.


You know, you can do curls after you row, and do tricep ext's after you bench. It's not like you have to avoid one to do the other.


Just because it is your policy doesnt mean that it is right, it doesnt mean that it is better than another policy, it does mean that it is more effective than another policy.

In fact, I would suggest that someone with a 'policy' about compound movements only is potentially very closed minded and may lose out on making significant gains towards whatever your goal is by automatically excluding certain training techniques because they dont fit in with your policy.

And finally, as I dont have 'policy' about compound movements only I can guarantee that I have learnt more about training than you ever will unless you open your mind a little.

Give it a go sometime, it might just work for you.

And damn my spelling and punctuation is shit. (just thought that I had better chuck that in just in case you are one of those guys whos only comeback will be about my grammar).


...i never said my "policy" was the only right one. learn how to read, "mate". and stop quoting the fuck out of the word as if what i say means law.

both arrogant and ignorant. maybe you're the close-minded one?

yeah im "one of those guys" who likes to bash idiots who have a poor grasp on the english language.


Does the "mate" bit mean that we are friends now?


Are you also "one of those guys" who has a policy against capitalization and punctuation? Glass houses you know.


I just posted on the same topic by a different poster. This may or may not be the problem. You have to have your upper back tight, scapulae pinching when you are benching. If you dont you have to much mobility in your scapulae and thus your shoulders can move anteriorly quite a bit. You see this alot when someone benches and at the end of the motion they extend their shoulders even further, as if they are doing a serratus exercise.

Now this is not the only way to tell that your scapulae arent tight, but if you can do this, you are not in the proper position to bench. What this will also do since your shoulders can move is not give a fixed point of the humerus from which the pecs have to pull, if the shoulders along with the humerus (obviously) are moving anteriorly the pecs are trying to pull on an object which is moving toward them (the pecs) its just common sense to see that this would create slack in the muscle and not the pre-stretch you get with tight scapulae. May or may not be your problem but just something to think about.

Also, CT posted something somewhere about fiber type in your chest and how this can determine whether you recruit heavily from your chest or elsewhere to do heavy lifts.


Translation: I am a fat ass prick that still lives in my mom's basement...


A compound movement only policy? I train arms directly. I think the neglect of training them directly is the dumbest fad since the Backstreet boys. Upright rows are also a great way to fuck up your shoulders. Have fun.


Adding a couple sets of dumbell bench after your ME lift could do the trick. i do this in hopes of upping my bench but along with doing RE bench with a wider grip my chest has never looked better.


Yeah, another one of those who believes squats will build bigger arms than direct arm work.


I agree. Spending as much time and effort on arms as any other muscle group is a little ridiculous, but to say that training arms directly is worthless is definitely wrong. When you are working chest or back you often get to a point when you can or are working them to exhaustion. And while the arms are getting a good amount of work, they can and should be exposed to more.

It helps if you think, physiologically about the response of a muscle to training and not a minimalist, pure and natural workout, and that training arms is for aestheics alone. Sure if I dont have enough time they are the first to go, but in a good training program, given the goal, training arms are definitely a must.