Chest Issue

Well guys I’m really gettin back into the swing of wakin up before dawn to get me butt to the gym hehe. But anywho, I have one main concern about my body and that is my chest. Now I have always had a decent chest (currently 48" around) BUT I have taken andro along with other anabolic boosters and for some reason in the back of my mind I keep lookin at my chest and seeing breast tissue.

The nipple area has filled out and I have a little pooch goin on. I dunno maybe im just workin myself up and its just fat from me not gettin back into my routine for so long. Thoughts? Advice? OMG help!!

heh but seriously, i dont this pooch on my pecs anymore, so I figured I could do one of two things, do an anti estrogen, like chrysin x by universal or Attack by kilo sports or something(since i have those readily available) or maybe somethin else you guys reccommend…


If the tissue isn’t sensitive or tender, it’s probably fat deposits from laying off the weights.

that is what I was hoping, and no it is not tender. More weight training and cardio plz!

That’s it, get back in the gym!