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Chest Injections?


Chest injections. You guys do em'.

Would you try it with Test Prop.


Plenty-o-times. IMO the localized swelling doesn't do much flattering in the chest. Works nicely in the bi's and tri's, not really the chest. For me it just makes a semi-uncomfortable red lump in my chest.


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I would definitely NOT inject propionate into my chest. 1-2ml of anything that isn't painful, sure. But propionate feels painful to me anywhere I inject it, so I'd rather have sore glutes or quads than a sore chest.


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It just seems like such an easy spot to inject into and hold the pin. With the 25 gauge 5/8, it takes forever to get the gear in there.

I also find that although Prop hurts like hell, it's a bit easier to handle in the smaller muscles. Quads and glutes shots keeps me from walking sometimes.


There are too many lymp nodes in the chest area to even think about injecting there! If you hit one of them, the inflamation will be so bad, that you will be unable to train chest for more than two weeks, and will lose all flexability in that pectoral muscle for that time! Not a good thing when you are on cycle and trying to gain! I'll advise you to stick to the conventional sites, as they are used medically for a reason -


Very interesting.

I'm assuming shoulders are fine. Not a fan of biceps, but what about triceps?


Prisoner #22, thanks for the heads up.

I don't think I'm a fan of bicep injections either,(although I haven't done them yet). Just doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

I am going to try triceps on Tues though. Can't wait to feel that pain!


There are 8 conventional sites:

Vastus lateralis, Delts, Ventrogluteal, and Dorso Gluteal.

use these site up first before venturing to the tricepts. You don't gain anything extra by injecting there.


I have just recently started using the ventrogluteal site (which I like better than the dorsogluteal), but the eight that P22 mentioned are all that I use. I don't see a need or benefit with using other sites, unless you are using winny or test suspension and experimenting with localized growth.


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