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chest inflation

How is that when I bench and incline press my chest stays flat, however when I hit push ups my chest blows up like a love doll at a bachelor party?

Push-ups = higher reps probably and so you get a pump. But pump isn’t muscle. You know that right?

Actually Id guess when you bench press you are either;

a) using to much weight to feel it
b) your elbows are to your side putting more stress on the triceps, away from the chest.

Or combination of both. Drop the weight significantly and keep the elbows out and at about 90 degrees and try to feel the muscle work. See if that helps,


Thanx for the help

I thought you got a pump from volume and intensity.

On the flat bench I have my elbows at about 45 degrees, I will try the 90.

What about buildong up the upper chest???

It is also possible that your body has become used to a stimulus that is repeated most often. Have you just added push ups to your routine? Perhaps try some new variations on your chest routine.

Another issue may be that you’re spending a lot of time at the lockout position in your bench. I had a client that couldn’t feel his chest for this very reason. Spend a greater time in the eccentric and bottom phase of the presses.

For upper chest a favourite of mine is close grip (not as close as the tricep movement) incline bench press.