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Chest Imbalance


The issue is that my left chest is bigger than my right chest Iv'e ben told to play dumbbells more all of it's kind but still the left one is getting so bigger than the right one I really dont know what to do. I feel that specialy when I play dips

The chest is the muscle Im consentraiting on now but don't what to do to make them even?


we'll need some pics to really see if this is just the way your body grows or a serious imbalance..by the way..is english your first language? because i had a hard time understanding your post


it's my second language ahhhhhh need some english classes lol


Well, if you're using equal weights in both hands I would have to think it's something that is out of your control.

BTW- the other reply touched on this. If english isn't your 1st language, I apologize for my remarks in your other thread bashing your grammar.


Not to worry. Heres how to fix.

1st- unless its a genetic muscular deformity, you have a strength imballance.

2nd- you are not alone, my whole left side is stronger and bigger than my right. and I'm right handed.

3rd- the reason you have this imballance is probably because your also right handed and using the left side as stabililizing. which in turn is gonna make it stronger and grow bigger.

the cure: focus on the opposite now, try to use your weak side as the stabilizer, you want to use both sides as stabilizers but not in an imballace

you want to correct the imballance by doing this.

1- etra single arm flyes to build the muscle bigger on that side.

2- 1 arm push ups on the weak arm

3- 1-arm static hold in push up position

4- 1 arm dumbbell presses

5- weak-side presses, put a light weight on a bench press, and press it with only one hand, your right side. then use your left hand to just ballance the weight, dont press at all with the left hand. i actually just use my thumb and my index finger pinched together just to ballance the weight in

everbody has imballances. you just have to make an effort to correct them with a little extra attention. If the imballance is really bad. try training that muscle 10 sets of 10 everday until it is fixed. or use waterburys 100 rep program, maybe do 4 sets of 25 everyday.


this is what he does, flames everyday before he even try to understand the poster.

unbelievable, bashing someone for thier language skills.

you need a lesson in computer safety, one of these days your run into one of us and have to face us. you seem to get your foot stuck in your mouth everyday. someday it will be someone elses foot in your ass. stop the flaming. i'm personally getting sick of your flames on others threads.

Try helping a poster instead of try to bash them first. your priorities are out of whack.


at least I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong.


I feel that I wasted my time and going to waste it cause im going to the gym to fix my right chest and your right my right chest is the smaller. My chest and biceps are the weakest parts in my body so thats why Im feeling bad about doing one side next and need to wait tell it get bigger.Do u think light weights well make it bigger??? cause I won't really feel any pain the next day?

and thanx for the info specially the push up. I din't think about that


Try it all and experiment and see which exercises you chest responds to best. Experiment. Try doing barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight, pressing, flys, push ups, static holds, & even a 1 arm pullover could help. heavy & light exercises. heavy for size, and light to try to get a feel for the muscle contracting.

One of the best ways to get muscle control is to try to contract them without weights. Try getting a mind-muscle connection, and you will really feel them contracting and expanding.

try to lye down or stand up and contract your pecs together with yours in a dead hanging position lying down & just your shoulders holding them up when your standing up. dont pull your arms together. try to pull your arms together with just your pecs. by doing this this, you should feel how your pecs actually work and contract. you'll really understand the biomechanical movement of the chest and its function. its basicly to pull the arm across. do this by trying to contract the pecs not by using and arm enduced motion, but rather a chest induced motion.

one of the biggest factors in developement in the mind-muscle connection.

could take a long time to establish this. once you do, you're muscles will benefit with great progress.

visualize the muscle contracting and stretching.


forgot to mention this

one of the tricks i do is this:

i overload the weak side with heavier weight than the left side. it forces it to grow stronger than the left to accomodate for the heavier load. this will work too.


I've actually fixed most of my imbalances, in which the left side was smaller. Only the left calf is still smaller, but it's definately catching up to the right!

The way to do this is by first exercising the weak side, keeping track of how many reps you perform. Then exercise the same number of reps on the strong side, though it would be capable of completing more.

Another way is to exercise both sides simulatenously, but unconnected - as with dumbbells or pulleys. Then when the form on the weak side begins to break down, stop the exercise.

Good luck!


I dint really get the exerc. If u have a pic that can show it? and do u think I should play my left side with light weights alone then the next time my right side alone?


some good advice given but think about just letting it get stronger, so long as you a pain free in your joints its only a matter of time before the rest of your physique gets stronger as well, if you have some aspect of your body that gains quicker, let it go, train with solid movements, good mornings are good as a power cleans, those kind of movements, gironda dips as mentioned may be worthwhile to try, instead of training with lighter weight.


I co gironda dips almost daily, this will no correct the imballance alone, in fact it only futhurs it for me. i always finish every set of every exercise i do with some extrs reps to the right side. my left side always does most of the work in compound movements. you have to isolate the problem, not make it work. i would advise against doing compound movements and letting it work itself out. will never happen. thats why hes asking for help now.


these will work

you have to overload, overwork, only work your weak side in order for it to catch up

working them the same amount, it will never catch up


no correct- should say "not correct"

having computer communications problems here


your left pec is usually bigger than your right pec as it protects your heart and your body naturally adds more weight there to protect it.


gotta disagree, i have yet to see a experienced lifter with visually significant differentchest size from one side to the other, I have seen inexperienced lifters with bodyparts that are visually different, such as biceps, chest and this has been through what bad form, eg bi's taking all the work with back or delts taking over, concentrate on the mind muscle link, some machine work can be benfical with single arm/side movements, be carefull with your posture on all movements, try some work in bringing up your neuromusclar pathways for your non-dominant side such as bag work, ie getting your non dominant side to work as well as your dominant side, raquet ball and simply throwing can help in this area. Try all the advice given in the above thread but never say never.


??????? not sure what your disagreeing with.

The threader obviously inexperienced....thats why he has chest and bicep imballances

experst usually don't the work those kinks out, they even it all out and ballance the sides. Example: Arnold Schwarzenegger would consciencely flex his left weaker side to keep it in ballance with his stronger right side. I generally do the same thing.

I always give a few more reps to my weaker right side and some extra flexing to keep it all ballanced, if i didn't do this i would have major problems. i have a severly dominant side and my physique is well ballanced. even though my lft will always be the dominant and stronger side.

still not sure what your point or disagreeance is.

if its letting the problem work it self out vs my theory of always paying attention to it or giving it attention

then we completely diagree, and lets just leave it at that

i'll keep putting the extra effort in to keep my right side up to par with my left, so i can have a ballanced physique. if i took your advice i would be doing bench presses with the left side falling at 12 reps and the right side falling at 6. to each his own.

just not in my nature to let things work themselves out. i take control and make sure its gets done. if you want something done in this world you gotta take it. i don't have time to sit around and let things work themselves out. never happens. not in my world.


I would definitely mix in dumbbell work with barbell work. Unilateral work definitely seems to even out strength differences in relation to right vs. left side of body. Pulling and pressing from multiple angles is a must. There are probably other weak points.
I agree with the mind-muscle- connection point. In beginners, neuromuscular efficiency is definitely low. Focus on target muscle contracting during the movement and practice contracting muscles outside the gym. IMO, an inexperienced lifter should use compound movements mainly using both dumbbell and barbell work and use isolation exercises sparingly.
Just speaking from my experience. Definitely some good points from posters in this thread.