Chest Hurts Doing Dips

I’ve notice lately that my chest hurts (possibly the sternum?) when I do dips…anyone else ever had this happen?? I wanna keep doing dips but its killing me…

How many dips are you doing?
Amount of common sense?

My collar bone hurts like crazy when I do dips, but only after the lift is finished, once the tension is released. I dunno why.

As I was able to up the quantity of BW dips, the pain lessened, so maybe once I am significantly stronger, it will disappear entirely - but for now, it still hurts, every time.

My right shoulder acts up when I do heavy dips (heavy for me, anyway, which is currently sets with 50lbs on a dip belt), but usually only on the first dip. Once I get the motion going, I can crank out the rest.

Seemed to me for some years that exercises change the alignment of the ribs and causes some to stick out more.

Ab workouts pull the bottom edge of the ribs in, and folks who are both thin and out of shape have rib-edges that stick out.

Among other muscles, dips exercise a muscle under the pects that connects certain ribs to the collarbone.

Bone alignment is one reason why exercises around a joint need to be balanced. Assymetrical exercise can pull the joints out of whack, which caused me to limp around for weeks with my knees popping after concentrating only on hamstrings for a few sessions.

But except for stretching the intercostals by pullovers, I don’t know of any way to balance or offset the stress on the ribs from doing dips.

I would just quit with the dips if they hurt and you can’t be arsed to search the internet as to why.

I had a problem with the back of my left shoulder when i did them so i just stopped doing them overall and the pain went away. I read on an article here before that dips aren’t for everyone depending on your own body.