Chest Has Felt Tight and Heavy for Weeks

For a couple weeks my heart will feel heavy and like it’s beating hard randomly. Today I just got home from work sitting at home and my chest feels super heavy and tight and I can see my chest move up and down from my heart beating hard 30min straight. I don’t have health insurance, what should I do? I’ve only done 3 cycles. I did my last injection of my last cycle 2 weeks ago so I know it’s still in my system. Is this normal? Should I worry? I’m kinda scared

That doesn’t sound good.

Insurance or not, drugs in system or not, you may want to go through the e.r. and get checked.

I had quite a few symptoms for about 6 mos. before having a heart attack in June. Unfortunately I blew them off as anomalies and ignored them because of denial and fear.

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Re-read what you wrote: For several weeks, your heart will randomly have trouble working.

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Could I wait this off a couple weeks maybe I’ll feel better when test is out my system and I have health insurance? I don’t wanna owe thousands in hospital bills

I shared my experience and said my piece. Not gonna give an Okey dokey to ignoring what could be very (deadly) serious.

Bud… you need to see a doc. Sounds like you don’t have priorities straight if you’re dumping money into cycles instead of health insurance.


What’s RHR?

Could easily be AAS induced cardiac ailment, then again you may have some level of cardiac defect (congenital) of which AAS has precipitated issues from. It’s like Russian roulette, some can use gear for decades and live a full life, others will drop dead from 1-2 cycles. Chances are however you’re genetically prone to cardiac disease and/or have an undiagnosed defect if life threatening issues arise acutely after 3 cycles

Granted there are other variables, thyroid, adrenal gland dysfunction, elecrolyte imbalance etc… Could even be sympathetic nervous system upregulation etc, of which would still induce serious ailment long term (but would go away upon discontinuation of gear).

This isn’t something to fuck with, go see a doctor

If you can see chest moving you’re probably having heart palpitations, meaning you’re heart is beating with a high degree of force. I used to get these, particularly after massive, carbohydrate filled meals. Do you particularly wish to risk death though?

How old are you? Aren’t you rather young?

I assume you have a history of AAS use

That’s a shame sir, sorry to hear about you’re cardiovascular pathology. Did you have a stent put in or was the cause due to something rare such as coronary vasospasm absent of significant atherosclerosis.

To OP @lilakimbo (if this is a reference too kimbo slice… he died at age 42 due to heart failure, granted I’m sure both HEAVY AAS use, genetics and heavy recreational drug use played a role (watch his earlier videos… he kinda screams “cocaine”). Also, do you have any traditional symptoms of CHF, while sometimes asymptomatic, many have other symptoms such as shortness of breath, swelling in the extremities/midsection and in general, coughing (and associated blood coloured phlegm), excess urination, extreme shortness of breath upon lying down etc…

Still, see a doctor, a GP visit isn’t that expensive, I pay like 100$ out of pocket if unsubsidised… he can give you a precordial examination and perhaps even an EKG

Three. First was in the circumflex, which was 100% blocked and the cause of the stemi, then a couple of weeks later one in the posterior descending artery, and one in the poster lateral branch of the right coronary artery.

Right coronary main branch is currently at 40% blocked, which is just at the “keep an eye on it” level.

I’m sorry, that sucks man :frowning:

What did it feel like if I may ask (so I can perhaps know for future reference when I have a myocardial infarction at age 32)

Given I use (low end) supraphysiologic dosages, have autonomic dysfunction and eat terrible in terms of long term atherogenesis (tons of fried eggs, dairy, red meat etc)… wouldn’t be surprised if a myocardial infarction occurs at a young age, so long as it happens after my joints give out completely (have joint problems, long story, scheduled for cortisone shot in shoulder soon woot temporary masking of pain Yeet)

Let’s weigh the pros and cons on this one.

Going to the hospital (if everything is fine)
+Get an actual diagnosis of the problem
-Lose lots of money
-Medical records documenting illegal drug use

Not going to the hospital (if everything is not fine)
+Save lots of money
-Too dead to use it


Do you know what your hematocrit and hemoglobin numbers are? Better yet do you have labs?

Agreed, having preconceived notions about future fate shouldn’t be adequate grounds to justify self destructive or inexcusable behaviour. My grounds for my self destructive behaviour (in terms of anabolic steroids primarily) merely stems from the fact that I like the look and lifestyle associated with bodybuilding. I train (resistance) about 2 hours per day in addition to cardiovascular training 30-40 minutes per day, there is legitimately nothing I enjoy more in life than an incredibly intensive workout that leaves me shaking, shattered and puddled in sweat. I may not look the part, perhaps I’m even lessening overall accrued lean muscle mass with the durations (and amount of aerobic training employed) of my workouts (but this doesn’t particularly phase me)

I don’t treat others badly, my principles firmly equate to treating others the way I’d wish to be treated (or treating them similarly to how they treat you), furthermore in cases where I’m treated like shit it’s always best to remember everyone has their own story, perhaps there is a reason (of which isn’t personal) as to why, there are very, very few exceptions wherein I’m outwardly an asshole to someone.

As to my own self destructive behaviour (anabolic steroids and diet are the only variables here that come to mind)… I have no excuse, there is a particular level of leeway I acquire in life (both here and in real life) in relation to my actions that I partially perceive to be related to sympathy invoked and to my intellectual capabilities. Some people tend to equate high levels of intellect (I’m only relating to intellectual capacity by what people have told me, I don’t know if I’m smart or not… but people tell me I am so I generally go by that) to that of a heightened level responsibility or ability to assess risk accurately and thus I get away with more. This, to my observation is nonsense. Many individuals I know who use hard drugs are very smart, they know the mechanisms as to how the compounds work, the risks (acute and chronic), yet still decide to use said substances, the reason merely being… they like it (the same can be said about me and anabolic steroids) or perceive the risk/reward ratio to be beneficial. I could state many positives implemented from me using anabolics, within medically accepted dosages we have the fact that it gave me back my vigor, energy, libido and lust for life. I could say in beyond therapeutic administration I built up enough muscle around numerous joints to invoke stability, my ligaments, joints and tendons don’t creak, crack and pop nearly as much as they used to since I’d started bulking up. I could say people interact with me differently, I don’t appear to be as much a target for bullying due to a more intimidating appearance, however none of these are justifiable excuses. The negatives are

  • worsening autonomic dysfunction (acute)
  • risk for cardiovascular disease
  • raised HCT/RBC count (never had this happen though, my HCT/RBC count doesn’t budge)
  • adverse long term effects on neurology (considering I’m atypical in relation to my neurochemistry… autistic etc… who knows how this is going to affect me)

there are many more, however as one can see, given that I’m not competing there isn’t a particularly valid excuse (I wanted to, however joint pain is far too severe when cutting to consider competing, nor am I comfortable with ever using more than hormonal equivalent of 500mg/wk for longer durations than say… a week)… and that’s a dealbreaker considering most guys on here consider mild cycles to be within the range of 600-1000mg/wk and I don’t feel comfortable going above 300-350mg/wk for more than a couple weeks at a time followed by long breaks (an increment above specified dose would be a very brief stint of an oral, but not stanozolol, turinabol, methasterone or oxandrolone). Truth is, there is no excuse for my behaviour, and I full on acknowledge my irresponsibility

As to loved ones, this is true and I’ve thought about it, the concept of me kneeling over dead say within the next year or two would be an immensely selfish concept if said death was caused by AAS and AAS only. The suffering it’d induce upon my parental guardians and brother (can’t think of many others) would be beyond immense, it was a long shot that I made it this far honestly (chances were fairly low that my brother or I would make it when we were born, yet we triumphed and beat fairly unbeatable odds). This concept bothers me significantly, and I’ve spent much of my time anxious over numerous variables in relation to my own mortality, however over time I’ve realised that one can either do what makes oneself happy so long as it doesn’t pose too much immidiate/intermediate threat or live the rest of their life anxious about every little variable there is to be concerned about. I found that living life without constant anxiety over every potential risk one can take is preferable, this doesn’t justify my behaviour, however it does bring a valid point. There are numerous variables of which could kill me DAILY, I could theoretically get into a fatal car accident, I could randomly be stabbed, shot… Perhaps I’ll even have an aneurism for no perceivable reason or maybe I’ll even be diagnosed with cancer (completely unrelated to any risk factor, I know one kid who acquired cancer and almost died at age 14 for no reason at all other than sheer bad luck).

I was exaggerating, I don’t legitimately expect to die of cardiac failure at age 32, nor do I actually expect to cycle gear (like I am at the moment) for quite a while, or at least until I ascertain for certain what I want out of life (once I’m done with this particular cycle), the risk/reward ratio isn’t worth it within my perception, I still have too much that I wish to see/do. I’m sure I’ll experiment quite a few times throughout my life, but until then I’m happy with a generalised 200mg/wk hovering around 1200ng/dl, no side effects in relation to haematological parameters… or at all actually.

In all honesty I tend to be quite conservative in relation to direct risk taking behaviour if consequence from such behaviour could result in stigma. Behaviors such as dangerous activity in the realm of thrill seeking (motorcycles, skiing down massive slopes I’m totally untrained for, potential future activities like hang-gliding, sky-diving etc)… I’m all for and typically partake in

That’s a lot of words when “Nah, I’m good” would suffice.

I didn’t understand the message of you’re initial reply, hence my long ass reply talking about my behaviour and whatnot. I thought you were telling me to think about my behaviour in how it can affect those around me who care

Or for me to change my perspective and stop using my current health ailments as a crutch to justify a shitty attitude

:joy: First sentence of the each paragraph.

I still don’t understand? I tend to be very literal about concepts, so for me to understand it typically has to be said in a very straight forward manner (#autism), or #notautism if the message is for me to stop using deficits as a crutch/excuse, which is certainly something I admittedly do too much @SkyzykS

Don’t worry about it.

I noticed the chest pains were happening after I up my dose of Proviron to 50mg. I stopped taking Proviron to see if anything would happen and the chest pain stopped!