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Chest Hair


hey cmon guys, all we manly men have it... chest hair, anyone out there know the best way to get rid of it, excluding the traditional shaving & waxing?

thanks, damn this itches like a bitch...es



im gettin lasered up (for free!!) on wednesday....so ill let you know how that works out....


If you don't want to shave or wax, try just trimming it. If that's not good enough, you better look into laser hair removal. It's really your only other good option.


Doesn't laser get rid of it forever. Why do that? Chest hair will probably be back in style. It was in the 80s (e.g. Tom Selleck)


Tweeze! :slight_smile:


you can always burn it off since the traditional methods dont seem to be working for you.


I am Chinese I don't get chest hair;)
and my skin is so smooth;) at least I was told that from a beautiful female.


Yeah, manly men have it and manly men like to keep it.


fuck that, chest hair is the shit! i can't wait till im older, i get to stroll around town as an italian with his chest hair overflowing from his v kneck wife beater...lookin' forward to the good old days


Im no hairy beast, but I do have what I'd say is a light to moderate amount of chest hair, and I don't shave or wax it. Its one thing if your doing BB competitions or are a sport swimmer, but otherwise, why shave it off? Most women could care less for the most part unless your seriously hairy. Us men are SUPPOSED to have chest hair... unless your doing it for a sport, don't go through the aggravation of shaving or waxing it - leave it be!


I'm seriously hairy. I shave and/or trim close in the summer months, and just keep it nicely trimmed in the winter. I'm a beast.


im not really very hairy i always thought i looked better with my chest har but i did the moronic mistake of attempting to trim it and then the razor came in and holy shit did i screw up, ended up shaving it off, cant wait for it to grow back, ahhh my chest hair! :wink: