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Chest Growth


My Chest has been growing alot over the past few weeks. It is by no means huge because before those few weeks my chest was not very big.

However I'm noticing how my chest is growing, which is the outside lower corner of my chest is almost non existent, so my chest has size to it, it just doesn't have the roundness to it.

I'm not too worried about this just wondering if its genetics, or if theres something I'm not doing that I should be (if its a genetic thing I don't care, but if it has to do with how im training my chest, or how I could improve how I'm training my chest, I would like to do that). Ok thanks.


What are you doing for chest? Movements...?

I find that the lower portion of the chest, or that cup you're looking for, generally is the last part of my chest to develop. Dips and decline flys hit that part good for me...but I really think it has to do with nutrition and overal bodyfat %



I think I know what you're talking about. Try adding three or four sets of dips to your normal routine. This will hit the area in question.

Make sure that you take something away from your chest routine so that you are not overtraining that area.

Good Luck,



I know what you're talking about...its an area I lack in as well. My guess is its a bodyfat issue.


Not just dips, but wide dips to hit that area. Neck bench as well!


um decline push ups i do dips and it does nothing for lower chest but is pretty good for every thing else decline flyes too


Well right now, on my chest day I'm doing Bench Press and Dumbell Flys. The weight I use for my flys are low because I only started doing flys about a few weeks ago and never did them until than. Before that I was mainly doing DB Bench Press. Also on my max effort day I do Bench Press and DB Bench Press. I'm not positive on this but I don't think bodyfat is a problem here, mine isn't really low but its not too high either i think between 11-14%. I use to do alot of weighted dips but lately have stopped just for a change of exercise selection. Thanks for all the help so far.


dude just make sure you row with as much weight and volume as you bench