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Chest Growth Plateau

Ive been training for two years now and ive noticed gains by supplementing more by i still feel as though i aint reaching my potential! I wanna build ma chest its developed but i feel the growth keeps pausing unless i continously change my rountine!

I read earlier on this site that increasing the weights and lower the reps doesnt necessary help you develop mass!

My current chest work out is

flat bench barbell/dumbells 10-8-8-6

incline dumbells -10-8-6

incline barbel -10-8-6

decline 10-8-6

I was wondering if i changed the system like did the same amount of reps one exercise and increased the weights will this help me develop more mass on the chest?

You’re just doing presses for chest. Two angles is enough and there’s no need to do the same angle with barbell and then dumbbells. I think you should keep two exercises and add cable flies or dips. 3 exercises is enough. And mainly, if you want to grow you have to EAT MORE.

the key to getting bigger isnt switching up excercises and reps.

its consistency and calorie excess

I would say strengthen your back, chins and deadlifts. When the oppossing muscles are weaker in comparison the others will plateau quickly.

Try doing Tri sets of heavy weight.
I like doing 5 reps incline cable flys,
5 reps incline pronated flys, and 8 reps of dips. do two to three rounds of that tri set. recover

and then finish with decline press Db or Barbell doing a 5 second negative and either do 2 sets of 15 , or two sets of 5,5,5 drop sets.

If your chest isn’t completely fried your hopeless.

Not knowing anything else about you besides your chest workout, I’d guess your intensity is too low. There is no way in hell I could do four pressing exercises for chest and feel as if I gave them all an honest effort.

My first advice is to cut down to two presses, and go all out on them. I personally feel that upper pecs are the most important to hit for someone who isn’t satisfied with their chest development.

An example routine:
A. Incline Barbell Press, warm up good and pyramid to a max set of 3-5 reps, strive to increase the reps/quality of the reps each workout until you hit 8, then increase weight

B. Low Incline DB Bench, one warmup set, then a few sets with the heaviest weight you can handle for 6-10 reps

C. Finish with an isolation exercise for a few sets of high reps until you feel done

Don’t overthink it, just shoot for lifting heavier than now, with good form. Of course, eat too.

[quote]n3wb wrote:
the key to getting bigger isnt switching up excercises and reps.

its consistency and calorie excess


Best Post.

Anyone who writes:

shows they put more focus on “supplements” than their own food intake.

You should be doing dumbbell pullovers for your chest or narrow grip barbell pullovers with the EZ-bar. Make it your goal to do legit EZ-bar pullovers with your bodyweight. When you make that goal your chest will be awesome.