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Chest Fat

Unfortunately, I hold fat around the lower chest area which significantly mitigates my lower chest definition (genetic, and drives me batshit). I am currently ~13% BF @ 6’1", 200lbs (taking Maximum Strength HOT-ROX). I’m beginning to believe that I may have to decrease my BF% to single digits for this to disappear (painful).

For those of you who have suffered with, and remedied, this problem, what level of leaness did you have to achieve?


I’m under 10% and I still have that problem. I brought up my shoulders and back this year and it made a big differnce in the way I look. I don’t really care about chest anymore. Red Bands helped me lose 20lbs this summer. Good luck.

Thanks, Lou…I suspect that, short of having it sucked out, I may have to live with it. My father and brother carry fat there as well.

Congrats on your progress…I have to say that max strength HR lives up to the hype. Very impressive!