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Chest Fat Problems, Need Advice

Hello guys. I attach two pictures, of which you will surely understand what the problem is. I lost for one year, from 80 kg to 63 kg. Now I’m in a clean bulk period. It’s not gynecomastia, because the endocrinologist told me it’s just “fat” and the rest is okay. What advice can you give me? I currently have 176 cm and 63 kg and huge tits. I’m 18 years old, you can laugh about me, I’m pretty complexed anyway.
I take now turmeric, tribulus and grape seed extract. Any solution can diminish nipple size?
I would be grateful to you because it’s a real problem for me …


Can’t see a whole lot wrong. You just need to train hard for a long time and build some muscle there.

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thank you for your thoughts :pray:t6:

Would you recommend me to do deline bench or incline bench more?

You could switch between the two if you really wanted. Just a thought though, you also dont need to do either!

You need to find the exercises that you can feel your chest the most on, that may be with dumbells, a machine, cables. Just learn how to really contract your chest, and then progress on them.

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I would personally get a second opinion on it not being gyno since the nipples seem very puffy which is typically a telling sign of it

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why? Unless he would actually get surgery to remove it, finding out it is indeed gyno would serve absolutely no purpose.

I don’t think surgery would help anyway. I think he just doesn’t like how his nipples look. If this kid just builds a bigger chest, there won’t be anything noticeable at all anyway.


I hope my kids don’t post a bunch of pictures online when they’re teens.

OP - you’re worrying about a non-issue. Like @flipcollar said, a different “answer” one way or the other won’t change the solution, so it doesn’t matter.

If you lift weights, you’ll get bigger and stronger. I don’t know much about young people nowadays, but it at least used to be hard for a young man to be unhappy with his appearance when getting bigger and stronger.