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Chest Fat/Moobs


I am very frusturated with the fat in my nipple/chest area. I firmly believe that it is a form of gyno, as my nipples have been puffy my entire life. Unwisely taking 2 cycles of superdrol (although followed up with Nolvadex)when I was young and dumb didn't help.

I really believe that this is a hormone problem, and I would like to be a guinea pig of sorts, and do whatever it takes to correct it.

I really want to perform somewhat of a Gyno Blitzkrieg, and attack it from all angles.

Im thinking somehow incorporating Arimidex or Nolvadex with REZ-V and high levels of zinc. I need to be careful not to fully eliminate estrogen, but i would like to keep it low.

Please help me here, tell me what I need to do. I am willing to spend whatever and try whatever.


If you do already in fact have gyno, I believe the only solution is surgery.


I had always thought i had gyno, when two doctors told me otherwise, i didnt know what the hell to do.

So i leaned up a little bit, but still carried an odd amount of fat on my chest.

The answer for me was ZMA, it worked like a charm, and at $15, i cant imagine not buying it every month.


Read this...


I too have a stupidly high level of chest fat for some reason. I think its due to being podgy throughout puberty. Anyhow I have managed to battle it by doing 2 things:

-Staying leaner, this helps keep estrogen down.
-Taking ZMA, this takes a few weeks to start working and must be continued to keep high levels of Zinc in the body.
-Drinking a glass of red wine with dinner most nights. keeps estrogen at bay and contains enzymes helping digest the food your eating.
-give MACA supplementing a try a few TBSP's a day is supposed to help. I have heard some people have great results, myself I did not notice much.



Aromatase inhibitors?



How long were you taking the ZMA before you noticed the difference?


Zinc tablets from what i have read google it


Qaash, no more then 2 weeks before i started seeing clear visible results.


i have a similar problem and have been taking zma for two weeks as well. it definitely helps.


Really? Just following the recommended dosage on the bottles?


I carry extra fat in my nipple area giving me the "puffy nipples" look unless my nipples are actually erect. When I'm lean, it's much less noticeable.

I thought I had gyno, so I had an ultrasound done and saw two breast specialists. They said that it is not gyno but that I do carry extra fat in that area.

The only thing to eliminate it is to have it surgically removed (which I've considered).

No supplement has ever made a difference, so I can't see how ZMA would even do anything to reduce that. I've been taking it for years and it hasn't helped with that.

Like I said, other than surgery, the best thing you can do is stay very, very lean.


damn nate just crushed my hopes of having nice rounded pecs. guess it's just not in the cards right now.


Sorry man, but the reality is that you can't take a few supplements and make it go away.

Unless it is something other than extra fat, the only way it is going to go away is by surgery or staying lean.

I've tried some of the anti-estrogen supplements thinking they would help, but they didn't do anything.


all i can say is that for me, ZMA helped, and since its the cheapest supplement on the site, its definitely worth it to try a bottle.

Q, yeah, i just followed the dosage.


Maybe you had a severe deficiency in zinc or magnesium and supplementing with ZMA helped with bodyfat levels in some way. Or it could have been a combination of things that made it seem like the ZMA did it!


i did lose about 15 pounds, along with taking zma, but i had leaned down in the past and was still a bit "puffy" so maybe ZMA was just the extra little push in the right direction that i needed.

Leaning down should always be the first step taken though, that would most likely solve around 90% of the cases of people who think they have gyno.


Also, you don't have gyno if you don't have hard deposits under the nipples. I think many people automatically assume gyno if they have extra fat there or if they've had an itch on their nipple.

If it's just mushy, soft, droopy, puffy, etc., it's just extra fat.


Yes, I have hard deposits under the nipples.

Thanks for all the answers. I will definetly try ZMA. Im not looking for something to magically make it disapeer (although it would be nice), I would just like to keep it as low as possible.


Thanks for the clarification.