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Chest Exercises With Injured Shoulder

I’ve been training for about 5 months now and have made great progress but recently injured my shoulder. I wanted to know any ways to train my chest w/out really straining my shoulder. Presses really kill it. I just feel like I can’t stop now since I’ve come so far. And I hate being inactive.

Some back story…ex-College pitcher and have had shoulder injuries before. Going for an MRI friday.

Any insight is appreciated.

Dips perhaps. That’s what I do when I feel the shoulder start to get tweaked.

You’ll need to work on your form/technique/choice of exercise in order to avoid re-injury in the future.

well ive had the same problem. it was actually due to my rotator cuff not being as strong as the rest of my muscles around it. do some rotator cuff work…like 2 times a day. then before you work out to keep the rotator muscles wormed up and activated.

also dont do just chest one day… for a while do some chest, back, and shoulder exercises. to keep it even. and if you can bench 400 but only row 100 then that is not good. if you bench 400 then you should row 500. you got me?

Sorry. All chest exercises involve the shoulder. You’ll just have to rehab. But if you insist and really need an exercise that involves the shoulders LEAST, try the pec deck.

i had this problem for a couple of months. all i was able to do was decline presses and cable cross overs, till it got better. every other angle hurt my shoulder except the decline. have you tried the decline? try it i hope it works for you.

If barbell hurts, try DB, if that doesnt work also try Hammer Strength chest machines. You can work around the injury provided it isn’t comprehensive damage to the rotator.

Though good luck with the rehab, went through it and it requires a lot of patience.

Try everything; if it doesn’t hurt then its a candidate.

Floor presses may be easier on your shoulder.

I’d proceed with extreme caution until you get the MR results.
That said, I’ve found dumbell bench presses with palms facing each other to be a relatively viable alternative to traditional chest movements.

Seek a conditioning/rehab program from a physiotherapist specializing in sports injuries. Strong back and rear delt muscles will ensure proper posture and prevent strength inmbalances too. This can be quite heplful too.

[quote]JoeG254 wrote:
Floor presses may be easier on your shoulder.[/quote]

for some reason those kill my shoulders compared to a regular BP or a DB press.