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Chest Exercises for Women, Benefits?

No no dear @anon71262119 I’m not self taught, I was actually attending extra english lessons for seven years until I was 14,so 7 years ago and now that’s my results, forgotten everything so again sorry for the mess😁
But for the record I completely understand whatever I read😂
Its just that we do not actually use English much here, only abroad, but many european cities /countries disdain English, using only their native language, like two months ago I visited Strasbourg, and even on the museums we had to talk french, so people can understand us.
But I can’t wait to visit the us some day, and if you exclude that my accent is like a Russian speaking enlighs I believe that I’ll improve my english fast.
Yeah, I know thank you for saying that, I’m surprised too, mostly because everyone literally is more than ready to help, give advice and I like the fact not pointing out we’re women, just what you said.
I was sensitive and it’s the Internet, I see the kind of comments I saw to the thread I created almost everyday and do not get so easily angry, so its my fault for giving the attention, but you know I’m sensitive for my mother country, its like being sensitive when someone insults your kid for example, sometimes you cross the line and get mad right even if on Internet, I don’t say it’s right and I hope you understand what I’m trying to say!
But thanks again Puff for telling me these!

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