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Chest Exercise


hello guys,i've been hiding in the shadows for a couple of years.i'd like if some of you can explain my lack of chest. i'm 45 decent build,but i cannot get my chest to grow!when i bench press i never feel any burning or soreness the next day. and i do my benching to failure.some people i've asked say dont do anything flat. so i did inclines and declines,now i'm not asking 4 a arnold chest just something respectable. thanx


Mark,a little more information would help.Your height,weight,your specific routine and poundages.As for me, I don't work to failure that much.A suggestion I would make,try a dumbbell routine.Also depending on your strength and conditioning you can also try superseting your chest.I train my chest twice a week.Once heavy and my second workout light.Also chest is the only muscle group I train on those days.It lets me focus and train intense.I hope this helps.TRAIN HARD Jimmy T


What kinda loads are you using? Try benching more or less like a powerlifter (IE- elbows in tight, shoulder width or so grip, and lower the bar to a little below nipple level, and slightly above the sternum). The closer arm position in relation to the torso will help to recruit the pectorals. Think of it this way, put your arm straight out to the side like in a lateral raise and try to contract the pec. Now try it with your arm about 45 degrees closer to your body. Easier to contract the pec isn't it? Learned that from Scrawny to Brawny...:smiley: Also try using heavier weight, not going to failure. Maybe a Chad Waterbury 10x3 or modified to 8x3, using a 5RM or 6RM with a fair amount of rest inbetween sets. Most importantly though, train smart! Don't exceed your ROM, and don't push your limits at the wrong times.:slight_smile:


How's your back? Sometimes the weakness in an antagonist muscle group can hold back development. If you work to build overall thickness in the upper torso your chest will grow too.


I had been benching (powerlifting-style), but made a recent change that made my chest beef up a bit.

What did I do?

Dropped flat bench and concentrated on Inclined bench (5X5, 3X8, 3X12) and Weighted dips (I have worked up to Bodyweight(220) plus 90lbs for eight. I hadn't flat benched in months and tried a set last week. I managed 225X12....definitely allot more strength than before. My previous max was 275X1.

Also, try more rowing....your body tends to grow evenly...front and back.

I do allot of PowerSnatches, Deadlifts, and Pullups (commonly supersetted with dips/inc bench).


I could be totally off but I remember somewhere along the lines Thib said in an article or post that he has trouble getting his chest to grow with pressing movements,something or other to do with his triceps. Can't remember the exact quote but your could try things like the dreaded cable crossovers and heavy dips to do the job.


Use the search engine and look up Paul Chek. He had a killer chest training exercise using a super set of DB flyes at various angles and DB presses. It is sure to inspire growth and soreness.

Also Poliquin had an unusual technique using a power rack and safety bars in a limited range bench press/isometric exercise that worked really well for me. Hope that helps.


hello guys, a couple of people asked me to give more info about myself,i'm 45,235 been lifting for 2 years now even in high school my chest was bad.my routine goes 4 sets incline with 180 not countig bar(10 reps) same on decline,i do dips also leaning forward as i was told this hits the pecs,haven't tried the weights tho.

i sometimes do cable crossovers,not steady but i do em.the rest of me really came along great in these 2 years,so i'm happt there,just need some quality advice on my chest. thank you


So you rep 225 for 10 on an incline? I would bet when you can do that with 315 your chest will have changed.


Gotta go weighted Dips, Db Pullovers across a bench, I personally got jack out of flat press's except for shoulder soreness, incline press's are spot on for me, great with Db's as well, you can get extra Rom with the Db's which really suit my structure, that extra Rom just gets right in.


Mark,have you ever tried cycling your weight over a 6 to 8 week period?Starting at 60% of your 1 rep max and working back up to a 5% 1 rep max gain.You train 5's then 3's then 1 rep max.3 weeks 3 sets of 5,3 weeks 3 sets of 3,2 weeks 3 sets of 1.A progression of strength and as the weeks go by the reps go down.The load increases and you handle the weight and get in a groove for that BIG BENCH of 1.If you want some more info on how to,just drop me a line.TRAIN HARD BRO Jimmy T


Any program tall recommend to this guy?

8 weeks to record bench?



Retailboy,I need some additional information.Post your present chest workout and your height and weight.We can back your max down and cycle your percentage back up.TRAIN HARD Jimmy T


Read CT's new article Bulk up, cut up.


Bench wide to your clavicle, sets of 20 reps for 2 weeks, then 15 reps for 2, then 10 for 2, then start all over.