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Chest Exercise Suggestion


3 weeks ago after my chest day I noticed I had a slight pain in my right shoulder, feeling as if I maybe overstretched it. This slight pain now bugs me everytime I do any sort of flat benching movement (bar or dumbbell) and as such need recommendations for exercises until it wears off. Oddly enough, shoulder presses do not bother it, nor do Arnold presses or lateral raises of any kind.

So far, I've been able to do incline dummbbell presses in the 12 rep range without pain, and I've been able to do the seated chest press machine without any pain. Other than this I am wondering what else I can do to keep from losing strength and size in my chest?


weighted dips


I would try and lay off a couple weeks and see if it goes away. A while ago I was having a similar problem. It was torture but I took two weeks off and the pain was gone. Chances are if you keep lifting it will not just "wear off."


Cable Crossover?

Incline Moves?


I'd hate to have to take time off. I guess I'll assess how it feels tonight. Did you lay off completely? Or did you keep doing legs, abs, etc?


I had a shoulder problem around Christmas time. Overhead pressing was out of the question.

What I did was just use light weights to engorge the muscles with blood, flush out waste, and avoid overstressing the joint.

Likewise, if it hurt, I didn't do it. If it felt fine, I did.

Play around with the manner in which you do the movement. Vary the width of grip, bring your elbows closer to your body, shorten the ROM, etc.

Bottom line is just to find something that doesn't hurt or feel funky.


Have you tried push-ups? If I begin to feel shoulder twinges, I'll switch to push=ups for a for a few weeks. Try them and see if it irritates your shoulder.


I don't think your going to get any definite advice from anyone here including me but I can share my experience. My shoulder bothered me 3 and a half months ago when I was doing bench but I was also dieting. When I brought my calories up my shoulder healed itself. My rules of thumb: Use good judgment, If the exercise hurts (in a bad way) don't do it. If you can work around it than its OK. My knee is bothering me right now. I can squat and do leg press with no problem. If I do leg extensions, lunges, walk to much or go for short run my knee acts up. Therefore I just squat and do leg presses and my knee is getting better every week.


Push-ups, face pulls and shrugs for healthy shoulders (according to Bill Hartman and Mike Robertson):


Definitely take the time off, the same shoulder pain bothered me but i tried to push through it. 3 years later it still slightly effects me. If it doesn't go away see a physio therapist, they really helped me. just my 2 cents


I get this too. I havent flat benched in a LONG time.
Hammer Strength Machine Presses work well for me.


I know what you mean. Taking time off really sucks. I still did other things I just make sure I avoided any pressing movements. I am so glad I did it.


Thanks for the advice. The shoulder pain lessened a bit so I was able to finally do flat DB bench again, though I only went about 70% of what I normally do for 3-6 reps.

I supersetted flat DB with inclide DB for 10 reps of each for 3 supersets. I think I'll keep that up 2 more weeks or so then I'll go heavy(for me) again. After that, I'll do hammer strength seated and flat supersets trying to be explosive with lighter weight. Sound good? Should I maybe add some cables?